[Datasciencecentral] BigDataFr recommends: Ableism in the Numbers – Social Metrification #datascientist

BigDataFr recommends: Ableism in the Numbers – Social Metrification

[…] Ableism (able + ism) is apparent in many interactions between people. While driving on a road having a posted limit of 60 KPH, I was traveling slower since I expected a red light to soon appear ahead of me. The driver behind me – at that point stopped due to the red light – hollered that no car should be driving less than the posted limit. I explained, « 60 is the maximum speed. You shouldn’t do more than the maximum. You have to drive below the maximum. » He persisted that I should drive maybe at least 50. At this point I invited him to go ahead and drive more than 50 – this being impossible since we were both waiting for the light to turn green. When the light finally turned green, he sped away from the intersection. Now, although I was going slower, I overtook him at some point. I think this is because, sitting back in my pickup without a care in the world, I could see and take advantage of openings in the flow of traffic; he on the other hand kept getting mired behind cars turning left. I share this story since it is an example of ableism and its close connection to numbers. […]

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By Don Philip Faithful
Source: datasciencecentral.com

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