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If you obtain comfortable shocks, you wont dread bumps. S46DR1LS Type. Progressive Suspension. Upgrading the rear shocks on your Harley could be the difference between cruising without a care in the world and bruising your tailbone on a bump in the road. Additionally, the bike will turn more smoothly with the wheels gaining enhanced traction, resulting in a safer ride. Fasten the air hoses, removed in step 6, to the . Action from the . Cobra Detachable Backrest Kit for 2006-2017 Harley Dyna - Black, Cobra Detachable Backrest Kit for 2004-2017 Harley Sportster - Chrome, Original Garage OG Speed 49mm Fork Brace for 2014-2021 Harley Touring Black, GP Suspension 25mm Front Cartridge Kit for 2018-2021 Harley FXFB/FXLRS, Progressive Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit for 2006-2008 Harley Dyna FXDWG, Carbon Visionary Shark Tail Reservoir Mounts for Ohlins or Legend Black, Carbon Visionary Shark Tail Reservoir Mounts for Ohlins or Legend Carbon Fiber, Shipping parameters, including order weight, have most likely processed in last step as part of the API download process from the selling platform, Shipping platform (with some level of input from shipping administrator) performs rules-based assignment of shipping box/envelope/polymailer and adjusts orders weight based on this assignment, Shipping platform determines best carrier based on shipping parameters (weight, dimensions, customer-selected shipping option, address type, etc.) provides a positive mounting position for the motorcycle shock bushings which also help reduce vibration and frame fatigue. If your Harley is low and is a risk of touching the pavement when your riding, dont make the mistake of adjusting them too much. The HD 022 Ohlins Shocks are black and grey in color, having great absorption in areas that a littered with abrupt irregularities on the road. Regardless, the top pick from the list is the Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT, chosen for their smooth performance over rough pavement and relatively easy setup. Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT - Best Overall Features Brand - Progressive Suspension Model - 944-4020UT Lowered 1 inch Three weight options Standard Heavy-duty 115+ kg Super heavy-duty 160+ kg frequency Sensing technology Spring adjustment by hand Warranty lifetime limited Weight - 6 lb It is possible to drive with a broken shock mount, but it is not recommended to do so. G. Their installation takes place at the rear side to maintain the heavyweight. The stocks also enable simple installation without the need for special tools you wont need much more than a spanner to get the job done. This is one of the reasons many people begin to search for new shocks in the first place. You can adjust them in five ways based on your weight. The kits come with a pair of machined and powdercoated blocks that bolt to your existing shock mounting location on the swingarm with the supplied grade 8 hardware that will fit most shock options. If you notice oil leaking from the shock, or when you collapse the shock and it does not spring back, your shocks need replaced. From fork kits to Dynamoto Triple Trees, Kraus offers everything to make your Softail handle your riding needs, whether slabbing it or carving canyons. Stiff a medium to high speeds. Although, you should strive to save, make sure you obtain value for your cash. *Excludes frames, hardtails and specified oversize items. A rear shock plays a huge role in how your bike rides, however; selecting the right one can be daunting. If youre short, doing down about two inches would probably be best, as your foot would reach the pavement much easier. Adjustable in Rebound, Preload, and Height. Custom Chrome; Zodiac; Motorcycle Storehouse; Parts Europe; If youre seeking shocks that offer a smooth ride while absorbing any tension throughout the trip, these shocks are what youre looking for. dynofit 2-4" Rear Shock Extensions for Chevy/Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD/4WD 1999-2022, GMC Sierra 2WD/4WD 1999-2022, 2-4 inch Rear Lift Leveling kits, Black Powder Coated. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. All of the options above are great shocks. If you have to change one thing about your motorcycle, it should be your suspension. 22-002-19 Showa Genuine Parts Showa Rebound Adjuster AUD $36.30 In Stock Part No. Progressive Suspension 422-4002C Heavy Duty Rear Suspension for Softail, 6. Fits your 2020 Harley Davidson Softail Low Rider S FXLRS. Here are some of the basic features to judge before you dive in and make a purchase: Effective motorcycle riding is a question of comfort and safety. Air-spring: These comprise a compressed air spring in the shocks body. The following brands are exempt from additional discounts to the selling price: Baker Drivetrain, Biltwell, Coker Tire, Cannonball, Drag Specialties, GigaCycle Garage, Hunt Magneto, Jims USA, Kraft Tech Inc., Morris Magneto, S&S Cycle. Burly Brand. The HD 765 has 13" Length eye to eye. And if you want to make changes, do your shocks allow for making adjustments quickly and easily? These stocks function with the stock mounting hardware and you can tune them to a riders weight. When we custom-valve, we make sure we pay attention to your riding style. I was disappointed when I dragged my new pipe on a hard right hand turn. The hlins NIX 22-series cartridge kit for HD bikes is based on experience learned through decades of high end suspension manufacturing. Heres a look at the best rear shocks for Harley-Davidson Touring. Filler Panel The shock allows for adjustability to tune as per rider weight. Theyll offer an improvement to your suspension performance through their double-wall steel body, which features nitrogen-charged and multi-staged valving, giving your ride smooth, constant damping. Moreover, it should help you sustain stability and enjoy a quality ride. Large shoulder bolts or high-strength allen head bolts for V rod applications. It graces through tight curves nicely without causing bottom out. It could also help you gain better control and confidence in your riding since you wont be wasting time getting your foot adjusted or pushing down the kickstand when its not necessary (red lights, sitting in traffic, etc.) Exact Fit parts are designed specifically for your vehicle. Custom Chrome; Zodiac; Motorcycle Storehouse; Parts Europe; They come at an affordable price, ensuring you achieve comfort, performance, and ideal quality ride at a reduced cost. Features a 13.0 length that is +6/-6 mm adjustable. 17. On Dyna models this will raise the back of the bike approximately 1 3/4" at the axle, and 1-1/8" on the sporty's. Tighten the lower shock bolts to 35 - 40 ft-lbs (47 - 54 Nm). They come with preload adjustability to adjust where your motorcycle suspension sits, and custom spring loading based on the rider's weight is a nice touch. While the default shocks have positive attributes, rides could be too soft or uncomfortable when driving around the pavement thats bumpy. Add to Wish List . He spearheaded the companys successful return to the Late Model market as well as the new S-link shock dyno product line. Whether your factory rear shocks have left you sore in the saddle or it just doesnt look and feel the way youd like it to, find reprieve for your road-weary rear here at RevZilla. The parts are durable and long-lasting, giving riders comfort and style at the same time. Lowbrow Customs carries a selection of shock mounting bolts & studs for Harley Davidson motorcycles. The main purpose a shock absorber serves is to offer a bike rider with an added layer of security and comfort. Labels (and packing slips) should print in a predictable order based on: Sequence that an order was selected in shipping platform. Although you should always try to avoid potholes, the impact will go over much better when these are fitted to your bike. The stock shocks were designed to fit a variety of riding styles as well as the average rider size, but are not optimized for each rider's needs. Its still worth shopping around.When evaluating true value, think about customer satisfaction, the brands reputation, and whether the shocks you purchase have a warranty. If you need more information than isnt provided, the links next to the brands title show the products description and purchasing options. Plus, this product comes with a bushing and wrench, making the installation process trouble-free. I like the black-out look, so these fit my style. Other times, the margin is the opposite. Harley-Davidson Touring bikes are tyically undersprung and have damping that is both too mushy and too harsh at the same time. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Contact us: 800-969-7501; We'll ship today if ordered in: . Fits: 2015-2023 Harley Road Glide Models Share on Tumblr. Harley-Davidson Shocks. NO SPAM, EVER. Rear shocks contain telescopic tubes that slide into one another. Harley Davidson Indian . Shock Extensions, Steel, Black, Ford, Rear Lower, Pair Part Number: BEL-6657 ( 1 ) Estimated Ship Date: Dec 30, 2022 (if ordered today) Drop Ship Special Order On Sale $71.10 $79.00 (Save $7.90) Add To Cart Compare Wish List Western Chassis Shock Extender Kits 2077 This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Some of the products may ship with the sticker separate, however. Most people aim for a lower height than whats given on factory shocks, but there are exceptions. Burly Brand Black Rear Slammer Shocks - Best Overall 2. The product is available in chrome and black finish, so you can select the one you feel blends well with your bike for an appealing look. Made from 7075 billet aluminum Stackable to give up to 2 of extra clearance Sold in pairs Reviews (0) Shipping & Delivery Related products Otherwise, it could imply needless and costly repairs. Again, you can enhance preload adjustment to align with different rider weights. Harley-Davidson is a renowned brand that provides a wide range of superior bikes from which to select. Theyre available at an affordable cost, ensuring you attain performance, comfort, and quality ride at a decreased price. Lowering Link - 130-20 Muller Motorcycle. Try them out by driving normally. If you lack the right material, theres a likelihood that the suspensions will give in when subjected to considerable stress. No longer will you have to put up with straining yourself to put your foot down on the ground without relying on the kickstand. Doc Harley from the Service Clinic at Low Country Harley-Davidson to help you with the health of your motorcycle! The chrome finish is very nice and will make any bike look like an entirely different model once installed. Based on your weight and height, you might want the bike lowered or raised. Changes to height are good and will take it down to approximately two inches. Its your motorcycle shock hardware that allows your shocks to do their job efficiently and effectively while helping to reduce the amount of energy that is transferred from the road to your frame. This was an easy solution. Supreme Suspensions - Rear Shock Extenders for 2000-2023 Chevrolet Tahoe and 2007-2023 Chevrolet Suburban (6-Lug) High-Strength Steel Stock Shocks Extension Brackets - Can Cooler Included 4.3 (24) $3195 $34.95 FREE delivery Thu, Mar 9 Small Business TeraFlex JL/JT Front Shock Extension Kit 1986250 5.0 (9) $6199 FREE delivery Thu, Mar 9 Not yet rated. Also, examine the warranty and make sure you understand it to verify whether youre covered in case of defects. And if you have someone else tagging along with you, softening is likely to occur, depending on their weight. Longer shock length from the frame bracket to the shock eye will equal lower motorcycle ride height. $375.00. Based on reviews, these Progressive shocks are easy to install, and you can adjust preload by hand. Whether you purchase a used or new motorcycle, you must adjust the suspension depending on your riding style and weight. For a touring motorcycle, long journeys might lead to discomfort, especially on rough roads. It's crazy what only changing out the rear shocks can do to the overall ride & handling of your motorcycle. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Also, more weight means more strain on the shocks when they cruise over bumps of any sort on the road, so youll definitely feel it more if youre riding in a place with poor road conditions. Check out our FREE, ON-DEMAND WEBINAR - Motorcycle Suspension: Spring Basics. (12.7 to 25.4 mm). Theyre preload-adjustable, making them versatile and flexible. Although struts perform the same role, they substitute part of the suspension system and need rugged construction to handle greater forces and loads. Twin Adjustable - Performance Rear Shocks For Harley-Davidson. Brian J. Nelson. This compromises comfort, control and handling confidence. Buy Ohlins STX36 Twin S36PR1C1L Shock Absorbers For Harley Davidson 2004-2022 Sportster Models (HD 143) Menu; Specials; Models; Catalogues. On the other hand, some riders can have a more aggressive riding style. Theyre a blend of dropped shock springs and stubby shocks; this improves a pre-load adjustment for aligning to various rider weights, making them pillion-friendly as well. Depending on your preference and riding style, you might want to consider these two aspects when looking for shock suspenders.Stiff stocks are suitable for motorbikes that carry heavy passengers and loads. Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Front Axle Nut Covers $35.95 (46) Tire Pressure Gauge and Fill Valve $84.95 (89) 4 Qt. NOTE. Its best to pick one that has a feel thats in between the two. Rear shock extenders will allow you to lower your range and give your ride a little more comfortable ride, and to help reduce body roll at high speeds when you're on the obstacles. Were not saying theres anything wrong with stock shocks, and in fact, adjusting the preload of your shocks might make a difference to your ride.However, touring bikes are designed for long distances. Traditional rear shocks tend to wear out very quickly. Apart from ride quality, there are a couple of other metrics to consider. Do they have a good reputation in the motorcycle world? Not off shocks have detailed instructions, and some manuals could even be missing key areas that one should know about before install begins. These shocks are a significant investment but are great for heavier riders or those who carry a passenger regularly. Any of these indicators let you know that your shocks are worn out. You could also look on YouTube, but be aware that some videos could also have you assemble the shocks in a way to which isnt recommended by the manufacturer. Makes for greater ground clearance, as well as making it easier to get that front tire off the ground. To prevent further damage, bring your height up a notch. Buy Ohlins STX36 Blackline S36D Shock Absorbers For Harley Davidson 2004-2022 Sportster Models (HD 751) Menu; Specials; Models; Catalogues. Shipping platform updates selling platform in real time (via API or other data exchange channel) with: User packs boxes from bins, checks against packing slip, and affixes sequential labels in an assembly line. If you go for the chrome finish, youll also benefit from added rust resistance and greater durability. If you're going to change the shocks, go with the Progressive 440 IAS shocks at 12 or 12.5 inches at most, but get the heavy duty spring version. to help you mount your shocks safely and securely to your motorcycle. You must recognize your Harleys components before you start the installation. The 465 Series is a state of the art high pressure gas monotube shock design for the new Harley-Davidson M8 Softail models. Shop the best selection of Harley-Davidson Lift Kits & Lowering Kits at Dennis Kirk for the lowest prices. You wouldnt want the bottom of your motorcycle to scrape or touch the road. Penske is also known for its brilliant designers and great customer service-focused shock specialists. Features: The HD 762 has 12" (305mm) Length eye to eye. You can counteract the issue by including shocks with extra height. A passenger also means more weight, so make sure your shocks are equipped to handle the weight on them. You will need additional tools to install it on your own though, and the bottom out could occur if done at the lowest point. Our Top 3 Rear Shocks for Harley-Davidson Touring 1. When it comes to damping, you dont want too much which can reduce tire grip and affect ride quality. Harley Davidson Rear Motorcycle Shocks | Bitubo Shocks Rear Shocks Browse by Brand, Price & more Show Filters SHOP BY 1 2 3 'Shop By' feature is intended as a navigational tool only, it is not a fitment guarantee, please refer to products for fitment confirmation. They use FST (Frequency Sensing Technology), a feature that senses the frequency of bumps to adjust damping automatically. After riding on your new shocks, look at the frame if you notice an awkward hit. 10x better than the old blown out Harley air shocks on my 1994 Tour Glide. Make sure this product fits your bike Select a Ride Enter Your Bike Details Reset Find Qty Add to Cart Your total: Riders Also Bought HOGWORKZ Jiffy Stand Coaster for Harley-Davidson Ever since I rode my first Harley I became in love. get in touch with our shock specialists here. This particular set functions with the 1998-2020 Touring bikes and is best for a smooth, easy ride. The shock extension is a replacement eyelet that installs on the swing-arm side of the shock. Most manufacturers offer a free manual describing how to adjust and install the shocks. Regardless of the components, you choose to modify in your Harleys system, you can still expect superior performance. And be sure to pick up rear shocks as well, especially if you do ride with a passenger on most occasions. With this kit, ride height is adjustable from 0.5 to 1.0 in. From this, you should look for shocks that have a high weight limit. The level of adjustments is good as well and should smoothen the ride when youre operating the bike with someone that puts on more weight than yourself. Furthermore, some shocks that are labeled to go down to one inch could be inaccurate by a margin of one to two inches. I have the Heavy duty 13 version. Copyright 2023 BungKing.com/Big Designs Sitemap Regular Price: 625.00. As you know, the seat is much lower on many touring and cruiser bikes, mainly because the engines are positioned in front of the rider. Kodlin K66030) Includes pre-installed new bearings No addtional modifications to the shock Upon loading, its worth noting that the shocks might go down by almost two inches maximally. Pyramid Rear Splash Protector | Matte Black | Harley Davidson Sportster S 2021 . Progressive Suspension 412-4062B - Best Shocks for Harley Davison Dyna. While the HD 022s give truly great performance across the board, youll also find that theyre incredibly easy to install with several customers wondering why they chose to use their stock suspensions for so long. This extension gives 1 of extra ground clearance on aftermarket Ohlins rear shocks. Installing rear shocks can be quite challenging, particularly for those who are new to them. Find an error or discrepency in our 'Shop By' menu? hlins aftermarket suspension products designed for Harley-Davidson deliver dramatic handling improvement over the stock suspension. Coil-spring: They use a huge metal spring-typically steel-located outside the telescopic tubes that constitute the shock body. Harley-Davidson has released Premium Ride suspension components for its Touring motorcycles, including rear shock and front suspension options. SYN3 Full Synthetic Motorcycle Lubricant Oil Change Kit - Chrome Filter $91.95 (236) Indoor/Outdoor Black Motorcycle Cover $149.95 (52) Willie G Skull Front Axle Nut Covers $38.95 (132) Tail Light Collar $39.95 (35)

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