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Blue Dot Safety was created to meet the needs of student and rookie journalists who were operating in hostile regions without any form of Hostile Environment Training as it was prohibitively expensive. Include regular recovery days and easy weeks, so that it never feels like a drag. Welcome to the 12 --week program designed to prepare you for a peak performance at the Iron Girl Duathlon. Hi Phil, Just wanted to say great job on your training plan. After 10' you should be at race pace - remember to hydrate and run even paced. In full transparency, we may collect a small commission (at no cost to you!) Duathlons are the same way in that there are really 5-6 components, depending on how you look at it: This is the time to set your stuff in the transition area. Bodyfeed Add to cart; Unlimited Training Plans $ 39.99 / month. Training. This duathlon training plan is 8 weeks, assumes that you have no running or biking background. You can run continuously for 30-45 minutes. It's supposed too! $89.25/yr for the first year. And a helmet is a must-have for safety. Recover on the downhills. Aside from the essential gear above, there are a few nice-to-have items that can either improve your performance or improve comfort. I have gained valuable experience over the years competing both locally and internationally. After you finish the run, youll race to the transition area to get ready to bike. Premium. No bigger compliment! Run on a flat course or treadmill. Once off your bike, walk it into the transition area and re-rack it in the correct spot. Ride #1 is 60' ride on a hilly course. If youre running a duathlon in the summer, you dont need to worry, but if there is any case of the weather getting cold, be prepared. Brage's first tip is not to get carried away by the sometimes-intimidating world of expensive duathlon kit. I have completed four races with three wins and one 2nd! Race day has finally arrived. RW's 12-week sub-2:00 Half-Marathon training plan The ultimate schedule for the half By Steve Smythe Published: May 7, 2018 The half-marathon training plan for runners looking to finish in. Hal offers three levels of his 12-week Base Training program, designed to get you into shape for a race later in the . I can highly recommend Phils training plans . For your recovery, you can walk back to the starting point. It tries to give you the best of all worlds. HR on the uphills can hit low Z4. Simple to understand but comprehensive in execution. As the name implies, a duathlon is two events rather than the three events of a triathlon. less -3 years ago, Hello, A huge thank you! This table provides a brief overview of which level might be right for you, to help you get the most out of your plan. Low intensity training boosts your fitness, and is kind on your body too, meaning youre less likely to get injured. READ Mumbles Duathlon - UPDATED 2021 - Distances, Photos & More Once you have spent 6-8 weeks on this phase you can start to look to include some threshold work into your plan. Stay seated in the beginning and look to increase the total duration at 50-60rpm each week. This can be as simple as finding a hillier route to ride/run, challenging yourself to a few sprints during the workout, or attempting to ride/run at a slightly faster pace for a prolonged time frame (i.e. During that time, we will slowly build up the length of your training week and the length of your long workouts. Theres no speedwork or intervals used; instead the plan focuses on simply ensuring you train five days per week and stick with it. The Base Phase will last for 12 weeks. Running Sessions vary from 30min - 50min. This plan uses heart-rate training zones for intensity specific training. Once you exit the transition, youll find a designated area to mount your bike. Clipless is a bit of a misnomer at first glance, because your shoes actually clip onto your pedals, attaching your feet to your bike much like a ski binding. If you are wearing flexible-soled running shoes and riding with platform pedals, you will only be able to push down, and the flex in your shoes will rob you of pedaling power. You will spin 3x15 minutes in this gear - HR should be mid-high Z2 - recovery will be 5' easy between sets - you will probably see HR drift into Z3 - keep the cadence up - this is where you build strength. You must dismount in the proper area and walk it to the transition area. The schedule consists of 3 workouts per week in each sport, 2 days of strength training and core work too. This beginner-friendly training plan is grounded in the principle of consistency. Again, these workouts include both running and biking to get prepared for race day. RI: 1'. If plan includes Structured Workouts, then planned workouts sync to compatible devices and guide you through workouts in real time. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, after 2 hugely successful years of our Unlimited Athlete subscription with over 1300 active members, weve decided to increase our prices for the first time on December1st. The feedback has been outstanding (rated 5.0 from 100s oftestimonials), and recently weve also added further personal coach time For example, our coaches now check your personalised training zones are set up correctly, and also keep you accountable by getting in touch if you havent logged any training for 2 weeks. Its important to know them and keep them in mind. As a runner, you know the importance of pacing yourself well at the beginning of a race. We work closely with university partners to offer affordable, quality . While triathlon is a swim-bike-run event, duathlon is a run-bike-run event. The 2023 Nutri-Grain IRONMAN New Zealand takes place on Saturday March 4 2023, with the 3.8km swim in the fresh waters of Lake Taup a one-lap clockwise loop followed by a bike course which is described as "rolling", the two circuits each featuring two steady climbs. If you have not taken part in another cycling, running or swimming event you'll find it really beneficial to incorporate doing so in your training. How To Race a Triathlon in Hot Weather Learn how to survive hot weather during your next triathlon. Running Sessions vary from 30min - 50min. Use a flat, out and back course. Whether youre a new athlete that just signed up for your first race, or youre a triathlete looking to mix up your event calendar duathlon can be an exciting multisport challenge. I've now smashed my race season goals, already getting the Sub 5hr 70.3 and even got the percentage I needed to attempt qualification for the ITU European Championships. Note that you can still work in other, smaller races during your plan too! Use a flat, out and back course. Race pace: 9min 10sec/mile. Warm up for 10' before the race, make sure your bike is shifting properly and nothing is loose or rattling. Masters triathlon win win ! . In other words, the first run replaces the swimming slot for a triathlon. Responsible for the assisting the Program Manager with the initial planning of a new APS site. Heres how to understand the age-groups and, who knows, maybe even qualify for the IRONMAN World Champs in, Supersapians, game changer or gadget? The plan is divided into 3 stages that will take you from winter base training into the racing season. A minimum of twelve weeks of training is required before a Duathlon race. 5x5' at LT w/3' recovery. You can add extra kilometres to the distances specified especially if you are training for other endurance sports. Join our community below! Plan schedule. You must have three items in order to compete in the race: running shoes, a bike, and a helmet. 8-week duathlon training plan the workout (with strength training lift sessions) If you currently lift in the gym I recommend continuing to do so until 2 weeks prior to the race. (8 sessions in total per week) It involves 6hours 30min to 8hours of training per week and 1 rest day per week. However, in shorter distance duathlons, it may be the same length as the second run. - I'm in top form and looking forward to my A race of IM Vichy later this year! While you might want to spend lots of time training for the runs, you need to be prepared for the bike section. My program is amazing and I am improving all the time. Remove. 10 minutes into the time trial punch the lap button on your heart rate monitor and record your average heart rate for the last 20 minutes. 8x1 minute sprint, with 2' recovery. Most U.S. duathlon events are sprint-distance events, with each run in the 1-3 mile range and the cycling leg around 8-15 miles. Start out sitting and pedal very hard getting up to race speed, once you hit 30', STAND UP and REALLY push hard on the sprint for another 30'. I had a great race, same time I did 4 years ago but faster run this time, being 64 next week and running sub 24 for 5k off the bike is a wow for me. 2007 - Present16 years. For Black Friday, we are also giving a bonus $20 off any new annual subscription! For your harder days, you should follow pre-planned workouts, so youre more likely to complete a quality session. The Twelve-Week Race Plan Race distance: Sprint Athlete level: Intermediate level with at least two years of sprint or Olympic distance racing experience Hours per week: five to six This training plan is to be used in conjunction with a Garmin multisport GPS device or devices. less -3 years ago, Phil is my first port of call for a plan and the person I would recommend first to others. After wu, do 4x20" fast with a full recovery between each. 15' warm up - nice smooth spinning - then shift into a the big chain ring and into a gear that allows you to spin at about 65-70 RPMs. You still have a bike ride and another run to do, so dont push too hard in this section. The training plan gives me a more balanced life and no niggles !!! And a new overall PB by six minutes, yay!!!". This is a best practice to make sure you dont accidentally forget it and have to go back, wasting time. Some races dont allow exposed torsos, meaning that males cant run with their shirts off if they get hot and women cant run in sports bras. I have represented South Africa in Triathlon, Duathlon and Biathle. Most duathlons in the U.S. are mass starts, meaning everyone begins the race at the same time. All Events Our 10-week duathlon training plan is designed for the beginner duathlete that wants to prepare properly for their first event. The Ideal Challenge Go over your race day plan in your head. He has not simply written generic plans and sat back to count the cash - I get a strong sense that he cares for athletes following his plans and has a genuine desire to see them be successful - whatever that looks like to them.

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