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Shooter and Struggle are just fine in my book, but then again, Im kinda looking forward in music and not backwards But making a statement as in Saving Country Music is pretty self-absorbed anyways. But honestly its no worse than any other new up and coming artists having big name people they either are related to or have some connection to singing a few tracks with them or promoting them. In 1968, their divorce was finalized after separating for a short time. Now, those hating on Struggle and his use of Waylon Jennings music and name to establish himself in the industry. Jennings died at 64, shortly after being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Yet, the feat of Jennings' growth was no small taskhis life has been true to his first name. Listen to the 10 Best Songs About America, American Idol': Teenage Country Singer Emily Faith Earns Hollywood Ticket After Good Hearted Woman Cover [Watch], Colby Acuffs Debut Single Inspired by Intense Waylon Jennings Dream [Exclusive Premiere]. Not trying to be that guy, but isnt that a Bob Dylan tune? O 'cine d'aventuras ye un chenero cinematografico caracterizau por a presencia d'un heroi (ficticio u real) inspirador d'un mito, a on gosa haber-ie scenas d'aventuras y batallas, asobn de tipo caballeresco y que gosa tamin estar ambientau en epocas pasadas que se presentan de forma exalzadora, en presentando sin profundizar masiau o scenario de l'accin d'a cinta, que mesmo puet estar . So, I try to be honest and tell both sidesyeah, I was having fun back then and making money, but I didnt get to keep any of it. Eddy Jennings has been named Bristol Rovers' head of football operations. Thatd be like calling Country Grammar by Nelly a rap-rock song, because it has a sample from Sweet Home Alabama in it. Prior to marrying Waylon Jennings in 1969, Colter was married to guitar great Duane Eddy, with whom she had the daughter Jenni Eddy Jennings. Why happened to classic country rappers doing the rapping and not trying to rap classic country with your own genre? was more incidental to his mission, but authentic nevertheless. I gurantee hes got Things to say in his own way as Nashville Rebel by Waylon says! They covered Bad Company by Bad Company and he almost got into a debate with me when I mentioned that it wasnt the original version. And I really cannot stand the complete and total absence of any and all instruments besides a drum kit or machine and a turn table. Shooter can take his contribution back. But i do agree with your post and shooter did do a rap limp biscuit type song with his dad in the 90s. Mirriam Johnson (born May 25, 1943), known professionally as Jessi Colter, is an American country singer who is best known for her collaborations with her husband, country musician Waylon Jennings, and for her 1975 crossover hit "I'm Not Lisa".. Colter was one of the few female artists to emerge from the mid-1970s "outlaw country" movement.After meeting Jennings, Colter pursued a career in . June 5, 2013 @ I watched it come together.. Why not? What EXACTLY does that accomplish? You people in the trenches feeling that and shooters doing what he wants havent you heard white lines, Jack Williams But the way I see it, being a part of this particular musical legacy isnt just about making kick-ass music (or Country music at that).. That would be intimidating enough.. Struggle on the other had embraces this persona, with the words Gangsta II The Bone tattooed across his breastplate, and infusing his songs (or Waylons) with bellicose, urban gangster jargon and threats. Furthermore, Waylon was an originator of music, Struggle is taking that originators work, and regurgitating it. She met Waylon Jennings in 1969 and after a whirlwind romance, they got married. You mix them, what do you get? One of the reasons I did this was to clear up some of the misnomers that Struggle is simply attempting to capitalize off of a man that he never even knew. 2:08 pm. And thats one of the travesties here, because now Struggle is going to be typecast with some folks as a simple hack ruining Waylons songs, when what he could have done was stand on his own two feet, just like Waylon did. I love it so much. Stop judging the man because of his looks, his name, and the way he chooses to express himself. Shooter can play all the great music on his radio show that he wants, and we can go back and forth about the viability or appeal of country rap, but that is all completely irrelevant to this fundamental ethical issue. Eli Locke A classic song by a legendary artist was sampled by a rapper,and by that and that alone the genre has gained another paying customer. Born in Nashville in 1980 to Jennifer Eddy, the daughter of Jessi Colter and Duane Eddy, and . (They didnt sing about tractors) 10:21 pm, f@c% all you #freestruggle am down with his shit till i die and my fam was down south folks this is new age, Cory Martin Plus, if they were to have credited Old Crow Medicine Show, a degree of the populace who has no idea who Darius Rucker is would buy the original version, thinking that theyre getting the one they heard on the radio yesterday. Jkalnasy The day Struggles Outlaw Shit was released as a single, he was incarcerated in a Davidson County jail. While Ive been singing for as long as I can rememberI was one of those kids who just walked around singing all the timeI was probably about 12 or 13 when I realized Hey, I want to be a rapper. But, I didnt really take it seriously until I was in my early 20s.. Its something that he and I are really good at doing together. Meanwhile God Bless Waylon not one once of me belives he would be for this but what the hell do I know. He has a lot of talent. In the years before that fateful sentence, Jennings faced severe hardship that wouldve been unbearable had it not been for one source of solace and strength: music. She married Jennings in 1969. It also sucks because entertainment-based businesses think that the general public is stupid and lacking in attention span (which is partly true but also their fault for bottlenecking information like this). As far as Shooter goes I love him. One thing we can assume is that Struggle has nothing less but undying respect for Waylon and his music. Autopsy IV I can not stand it anymore. The holder of a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Entrepreneurship, Gender, and Family Business, Jennifer is one of Canada's leading researchers at the intersection of gender, entrepreneurship, and the family embeddedness of entrepreneurial activity. Is saying hes no blood relation a stance, or a fact? And personally, I think Waylon wouldnt give a damn about him using it, because he isnt trying to ride on his name, hes just making HIS music, just like Waylon was. I couldn't see myself really doing anything else.". 9:44 pm, My disclaimer is that I work with Struggle, so theres my bias.. Finally, the bullshit comments about Struggle not being blood kin, and whatever he gains from the connection to the Jennings name. I havent loved every single song hes had out or every single thing hes tried. And that takes us to the actual content of I Am Struggle. J Lopez All in all, the life Jennings has lived would be more than enough excuse to succumb to the chaotic currents of the world, but his determination to control his own future shows us who he really is: a strong, principled, humble and loving individual. Though it does seem like a little bit of an odd jump to go from strictly-gangsta rap mixtapes like Tryin 2 Eat and The Soundtrack to An Indictment to something like whats been described. The poster Shocking above posted the URL to the video. November 11, 2016 @ February 6, 2019 @ Everyone is just butthurt he is crossing a boundary and introducing Jennings music to a new crowd. I cannot stand rap. Struggle is the son of Jennifer Eddy (daughter of Jessi Colter and Duane Eddy.) To me, the amount of songs is a huge issue here, and should not be glossed over. About. father/husband, if they are ok with it, that is good enough for me. 10:31 am, One thing we cannot assume is that Struggle has nothing less but undying respect for Waylon and his music.. February 8, 2021, 8:27 am, When I went to prison this last time, I lost everything, Struggle Jennings told American Songwriter. 2. June 6, 2013 @ It still blows my mind that this is considered in the same genre as what is labeled as country now. This drivethis unwavering desire for self-bettermentwas not only a huge source of Jennings strength as he navigated the transition from prison life back into family life, but it was also the underlying motivation behind Jennings collaboration with fellow Southern rapper, Jelly Roll. She's the daughter of country rapper Struggle Jennings (given name: William Harness), himself the son of Jennifer Eddy, who is the daughter of Colter and her first husband, Rock and Roll Hall of . I volunteer at a teen center, and a lot of what I do is sitting around playing guitar, usually I stick with songs by either Cash, Haggard, Hank, some rockabilly, and songs I write, but occasionally Ill dick around with a non country song for laughs, the other day I played Poisons every rose has its thorn (I countried it up a little, but thats not the point). I believe its more in the spirit of Waylon to take up for those that are challenging the norm and going against the establishment, and not taking up for those who want to stick to the old way of doing thing and the old rules I cant speak for Whey or Josh, or Shooter or Struggle.. My mother decided that she didnt really want to live off Waylons name or really take any handouts, he explained. So was Struggle. About. Trigger Again, he is no threat to anything. Mike Baillie Jennifer is related to Michelle L Eddy and Patricia Louise . 3. wrt shooter: personal issues aside, he has made some quality music (imo). When Taylor Swift won her first CMA for Entertainer of the Year there was outrage because of the sense that country music was living too much in the present moment. Look, it is my sincere hope that this doesnt turn into a Shooter thread, because even though Shooter does have a role in this, this is Struggles album, and ultimately he is the primary one who needs to answer for it. Check out Waylons oldest son Terrys new book. "It's so much fun just sharing your feelings and emotions with your family. It doesnt mean the music you dont enjoy, shouldnt be made. 8:01 pm. Clearly this site hates those who dont imitate or replicate former country sounds (i.e. January 10, 2019 @ I dunno what this dude is thinking, but if Duane was my grandpap Id be proud. Waylon is their This is why I have little respect for hip hop or rap as genres of music. I watched a group of talented musicians putting everything on the line.. Before my dad died, I spent my weekends on the west side of Nashville, he said. Trigger you know I dont agree with you anti shooter rants. 12:25 pm. He formed a band, The Texas Longhorns. June 4, 2013 @ I read this sentence to mean that we cant assume that he HAS respect for Waylon and his music, which doesnt seem to fit with the rest of the paragraph. But, that was just kinda the era. There are regular contributers to this site that take music far too seriously. I got my hand on my nuts, can you feel me? is something else entirely. Im new to Country music and thanks to Yelawolf & Outlaw Shit, I have discovered Struggle and thanks to that, I have discovered Waylon and thanks to that, I have kept digging and appreciating it all even more .. I feel like somebodys always trying to put anchovies on my waffles., Crap for Sale Struggle Jennings (real name - William Harness) is an American country rapper who released his debut album "I Am Struggle" in 2013. The precursor to I Am Struggle was a country rap single built from Waylons song Outlaw Shit, a slower, newer version of his classic Dont You Think This Outlaw Bits Done Got Out Of Hand? The irony is that in the original Waylon song, Jennings espouses his disdain for the marketing of his music and persona as outlaw, and blames it for his own legal troubles. Taking a classic Waylon song like Are You Ready For The Country (originally written by Neil Young) and adding lines like, Show me what is was and Ill a show you what it will be. Colter, meanwhile, is a key figure in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museums new Outlaws & Armadillos exhibit. I have been a strict rap and hip hop fan my whole life, until yelawolf love story came out, that put me on to getting all of his mixtapes. February 6, 2019 @ Struggle is one of those few, IMO. They contribute nothing worthwhile to the genre. Jamey Johnson sang on a colt ford songgood enough for me. I also think that copyrights are slightly different based on when they were established (1950s vs. 2000s, etc.) Bristol Rovers manager Joey Barton leans on Eddy Jennings for advice and now to lead the Gas' recruitment drive (Andy Watts/JMP) Group 28 THE LATEST NEWS ON THE GAS STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX The problem is with the way they are presented. When we were kids, all we ever wanted was to be accepted. You can hold onto the past unflinchingly, but eventually its gone an youre gone right along with it.. ?.I realised in my searching, that Struggles mother is not listed on any sites I saw, as being listed as a child or step child to Waylon..? If they were to say that the song were by Old Crow Medicine Show, there would be a certain degree of viewers that would be confused and a few that would assume that the show got it wrong. So, instead of assuming that the public is competent enough to discern the facts for themselves, the businesses (or in this case, the producers of The Voice) simply ignore the complete story, only wanting to portray a bit of it. Jessi Colter met Waylon Jennings after he helped her secure a recording contract with RCA Victor. Jennifer Jennings. I just want to tell you guys that you may hate struggle for doing this album, but there has to be more than just me that has heard this and became a fan of all of these older classical peoples music. I get this is a free country and if you like it support it. Song is a collaboration between Struggle Jennings, his daughter Brianna Harness and Colter's daughter Jenni Eddy Jennings, Jessi Colter Joins Jennings Extended Family for New Ace in the Hole Video, Jason Isbell Releases Death Wish From New Album, The Cadillac Three and Elvie Shane Knock You on Your Ass With New Collab Hillbilly, See the Beths Deliver Refreshing 'Expert in a Dying Field' Mini-Set on 'CBS Mornings', The YSL Case Is Stretching Fulton County's Justice System to Its Breaking Point, The National Stay Up Late to Perform 'Tropic Morning News' on Fallon, David Lindley, Multi-Instrumentalist Who Shaped the Sound of Soft Rock, Dead at 78, How Deem Spencer Learned to be Vulnerable on His New Album adultSW!M, NBA 'Investigating,' Team Suspends Ja Morant After Allegedly Flashing Gun on Social Media, Netflixs Sex/Life Is Back to Satisfy Your Softcore Desires, Alex Murdaugh Juror Says Cellphone Video, 'Big Liar' Testimony Led to Guilty Verdict. I judge music and the artists within purely on musical terms, and crap like this is why I hate hip hop and rap. Colter then moved to Nashville, Tennessee, with Jennings. Nobody can answer that question. Mama (Oh Sweet Mama) Struggle Jennings. Northern Rebel Harness recalls herself as an "extremely musical" child -- she sang in the choir, was first chair in band and "just, like, ran around singing all the time" -- but her debut album,Welcome to My Nightmare, only just arrived in 2020., In the wise words of Jason Isbell, I like rap. People who cant abide hip-hop are understandably never going to dig this music, just as people who cant stand country music will say the same in that genres regard. Imagine if someone took the Mona Lisa and put a mustache on her and drew dinosaurs fighting aliens in the background. roy w gibson Waylons primary estate executors Jessi Colter and Shooter Jennings actively participate in I Am Struggle, with both making appearances on the album. Already a member? Another bus carrying Jennings, 52, of Nashville, and the other six members of his band, including Jennings' stepdaughter, Jennifer Eddy, was not stopped, she said. Colter and Jennings have one son, Waylon Albright "Shooter" Jennings (born May 19, 1979). Willie was the light-hearted one, Waylon was the rough-around-the-edges outlaw. Country rap is simply borrowing from country, and as soon as you add hip-hop elements to a song, it ceases to be its original genre, and becomes hip-hop only. Schedule a showing for 884 NE 72nd St in Miami, FL. Ive been to about 16 of his shows over the past decade. Academic background in international relations and political communication. apparently miley cyrus covered the song, and all the kids were damn sure it was hers, it bothered me, but hey, its not my favorite song, or band..then I played wagon wheel, and it didnt occur to me until just now, they probably thought it was a Darius Rucker song. Has an old school Goodie Mob feel to it. End of story. That lifestyle does have repercussionsIve felt them, my family has felt them. Struggle was not just some distant relative to Waylon that barely knew him who is now riding his name. by The melodies, vocals from Waylon as well. All Rights reserved. The post 10 Cybersecurity Breaches of Q4 2022 and How to Prevent Them appeared first on Cyolo . I forgot the name they called themselves for the notorious song. June 4, 2013 @ I believe he intends it to be country rap, and not some mashup tribute to Waylon or something. Youre absolutely right, Struggle is a talented artist and he very much can stand on his own feet. on this site is poor quality songs and singers. She met Waylon Jennings in 1969, who she married and moved with to Nashville, Tennessee. Last summer, she and her father duetted on the song Bad Company. Struggle Jennings will release his new album The Widows Son on February 15th. Jennifer Tullman-Botzer | December 28, 2022 | Blog, cyber, MFA, zero trust. His mother is the daughter from Jessi Colters first marriage to rock & roll guitarist Duane Eddy. The best result we found for your search is Jennifer Eddy age 40s in Huntsburg, OH. I respect struggle and his music. This isnt country rap, this is just rap with country music samples and some lyrics taken from Waylon. And so even though you are right, no I dont know every specific detail of their relationship, I do think that I have enough of a gist of it that I would defend Struggle against anyone who would say that hes simply trying to ride the name of a man he has no direct relation to, and never knew. I did not here, nor would I ever, question the personal relationship between Struggle and Waylon. Thats not how I understood it, but maybe youre right and Im wrong. Latest News: My music is being used on a movie from England called "Love Online". Learn more about merges. This is coming from a guy who personally detests most rap. Acceptance is such a big word. Hows about the whole jennings clan (the youngsters) just goes ahead and shuts the fuck up? Look, I fully know that in 20 years, every single Waylon Jennings song, every single Hank Williams song, and every Willie Nelson song will probably be made into rap songs. This guy is disgusting for doing that. Jennifer (Jenni) was Jessi's daughter from her previous relationship with guitar legend Duane Eddy, but Jennings raised her as his own. BayArea You gotta find a way to meet them and talk to them in their language.. An I believe, %100 percent, that this is Struggles true role.. Obviously youre not gonna listen to the album again with virgin ears.. Youre not gonna suddenly connect to Struggs music an be won over.. An thats fine.. You just arent into it.. The shooter deusch bag now with struggles sent. Hank didnt do it this way, and neither did Waylon. Colter was also married to guitarist Duane Eddy and, more famously, the legendary Waylon Jennings. I was trying to say and point out many of the same points that youve hit on in your comment when i left my comment. Its making at least me, a fan of everything before it that influenced it. 8:20 pm. Somehow hed be upset that mixing Hip Hop and country would be destroying some long-standing, strictly defined, industry approved and culturally protected tradition.. Well though I didnt know the man, to me those are some of the very principles that Waylon stands for.. Just because of the blood line. They have a daughter, Jennifer. The samples are incidental to the decidedly hip-hop identity of the music, and as hip-hop music goes, some of it is very, very good. Withstreaming platforms and the way everything's set up, I feel like you're really allowed to just completely be yourself," she reasons. October 3, 2013 @ Kelsea Ballerini is on Saturday Night Live Tonight! Will Are You Ready For The Country eventually be known as a Struggle song? February 14, 2020 @ It was just who I was.. EVER! Required fields are marked *, Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. What does Waylons other 5 kids have to say about their fathers music being used? Frank browning 10:58 am, Burly Dent There is a whole world out there of country style rappers has been around for a very long time just never made an impression. If we take this saying at face value, then both Jennings and Jelly Roll are prime nominees for legend status. Northtexasoutlaw In 1968, Eddy and Colter separated, divorcing later that year. Went to work today and researched Waylon literally all day(we are in our slow season) Thats how I found this site. Glad to see that there are others out there who truly appreciate music for the art that it is. retro, thrift store shopping etc)., he is a hard working, very talented individual with a ton of respect for his grandfather., Struggle has talent. Find Eddie Jennings's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records. Its not about how the words are presented. This album might explain why Shooter has been playing a lot of rap on his Sirius radio show. And I'm like, 'Wow, that's insane, I didn't even know I felt like that and now you've given me these lyrics.'". 12:19 pm. Damn sure wouldnt lie to my fans either, Christina Harris Bipolarsin June 5, 2013 @ Struggle Jennings was born in Phoenix, Arizona, to Jennifer Eddy and Will Harness. Her love for music caused her to cross paths with ace guitarist Duane Eddy whom she married in 1961. Im sure you know all of this, but its no less annoying or convoluted. November 10, 2013 @ Macklemore Announces 2023 Fall North American Tour: I Wasnt Sure We Were Gonna Ever Be Able to Do This Again, American Songwriter: a Savage Ventures Brand. June 4, 2013 @ The move means Jennings, formerly director of football at Fleetwood Town and an agent for Wasserman, is an official member of staff . Im listening to it right now and I completely agree with you. I think his music is authentic. After marrying, the couple welcomed a daughter, Jennifer. Duane Eddy is Struggles true grandfather. This shit is really starting to piss me off. December 20, 2015 @ Its real life for some of us out there. June 4, 2013 @ This is an ignorant, indolent, ill-informed, and ridiculous assertion that is perpetually made by people who attempt to simplify the argument against who they perceive as traditionalists scared of change who just want the music to sound like it has always sounded. How is that Waylon could be so talented and not pass any of it down to his off spring or their offspring. "I've been offered books in the past . It may be Blasphemy to some but the quality of this is high. She's the daughter of country rapper Struggle Jennings (given name: William Harness), himself the son of Jennifer Eddy, who is the daughter of Colter and her first husband, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Duane Eddy. The estate bestowed such latitude and gifts? WHO ARE YOU TO SAY??? The couple remained together until Jennings died in 2002. First of allbeing a musician, i can appreciate and respect music in all forms and genres. If only we could all go back to a time when rap music and its intersection with country music did not exist. Well chose sample and the loops work really well. I generally cant stand rap, for a lot of the same reasons as I cant stand the fake country boy kinda music thats been popular on country radio in recent years. Waylon Jennings with his stepdaughter Jennifer Eddy Jennings (daughter of Jessi Colter & Duane Eddy) backstage at the Wheeling Jamboree. He is the grandson of Jessi Colter and Duane Eddy. September 10, 2020 @ I love Waylons Outlaw Shit and I think Strugg and Yelawolfs take on it was pretty interesting and wasnt bad at all. Jennifer Eddy is also Struggle's mother. In 1967, Eddy and his wife recorded a duet single, 'Guitar On My Mind'. Skilled in politics, media relations, campaigning, strategic and corporate communications, and stakeholder engagement. And sure, maybe it was inevitable that country rap would have its phase. Born in Nashville in 1980 to Jennifer Eddy, the daughter of Jessi Colter and Duane Eddy, and raised in the shadow of his step-grandfather, Waylon Jennings (who married Colter in 1969), Struggle Jennings became acquainted with hard-living at an early age. 11:12 am, yeah we are playing waylonfest in whiteface texas on june 7th, The Hillbilly Muslim About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . I Am Struggle is nepotism on steroids. Country rap is the parachute pants of our generation. Johnny Law 12:38 pm. This is horrendous abomination. She also had a thing for bad boys and always dated guys who were a bit rough around the edgesmy father and a series of guys after that being examples. If people remember him at all, theyll only remember him as a bad white rapper who turned them onto the music of a legend. This Residential listing has 3 Beds, 2 Full Baths. And who knows, it may be Struggle and Shooter at the helm. 1969), Waylon Jennings (m. 1969, died 2002) Children/Kids (Son and Daughter): . He did kinda rap in This Ol Wheel and The Gunslinger and theyre not my favorite tracks hes done but theyre worth listening to and if it takes a song like The Gunslinger to further his music and get the word out about it, its not the worst thing in the world. But, I was in the unaccepted group, the outlaw, misfit group. They sound good together! Although Jennifer is not blood-related to Jennings, she grew up as though she was. 2:12 pm, Your email address will not be published. That was awful and shameful. The marriage only lasted for barely seven years. 9:46 am. Some of its worked and sounded great and other things Ive wondered what he was thinking, but overall he is tremendously talented and WAY better than the crap thats on radio and CMT these days. 1:59 pm. Ive been listening to Struggles work for the last few weeks and, as Trigger notes, the man has some considerable lyrical talent and has surrounded himself with some wise production components. Waylon Jennings ' eldest son, Terry, had died in January 2019. With plenty of love and respect for a legend, and a slight chuckle about his grandson every now and again. If you people want to hate on country-rap, actually do it right and go shove barbed-wire bats up the asses of The Lacs, because that shit is awful. If Struggle/ Yelawolf had not released, I might not have ever took the time to listen to it. Your opinion on family is screwed up worse than anything he can do with Waylons music. I like sampling but i ALWAYS listen to the originals no matter where it came from, because just like last night Ive been opened to all kinds of new sound and artists that way. 10:45 pm. 4:24 pm, Damn Im glad I didnt call my step grandpa this Bs. Jessi Colter Husband. At just 18-years-old, he married Maxine Lawrence in 1956. June 6, 2013 @ BTW, for my money, and as much as I enjoy Waylons body of work, the most genuinely gifted member of that entire clan was Jessi Colter, who, when at the very top of her country-rock game for a brief-but-shining few years in the mid-1970s, could write and sing circles around them all.

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