black p stones hand sign

Whats wrong with your Nigger Women?? STAY THE FUCK UP OUT U.B.N BUSINESS. An SCLC Gospel singer named Sylvester took the name and style of Jeff Fort's group and created Sly and the Family Stone. 5UP OR GET FOLDED MY NIGGA. FUCKING DEMON! YEAH I KNOW (5) A DWAYNE (WANKSTER ) CROSS is a LIL MAN MONTANA OR KANSAS Lil NIGGA. I live in the Westwood area by UCLA, You know, where all the upper White Middle Class people live, unlike the Shithole Nigger Ghetto where you live. Ive put many Niggers in Jail and Ive killed two of them, so far.. roCCo Im your father LOL,and anytime you want to find me to get your ass kiCCed and CatCh this unfriendly fade you Can find me in your mothers bed wit my diCC shoved all the way up that nasty bitChes ass,fuCC your prostitute,slut,tramp,street walker,Call girl,esCort,hoe,and whore your mother and you Can also find me wit my diCC shoved all tha down your mother throat as she suCCs,Chokes,and gags on my enormous monster sized diCC every night with her head hanging down off the bed while she lays their dangling off the bed looking helpless and lifeless wit tha bKlood rushing to her head while she lays their and lets me roughly and brutally faCe and skull fuCC her and is similar to faCe rape I mean I never raped her faCe Cut I did her badly and abused her faCe and throat and even had tears running down the bitChes faCe whiCh ruined masCara and she loves me muCh she let me do it again the next night Cut I have to C real honest though I dont love that bitCh ass prostitute,oh yeah you Can also CatCh me fuCCing your mother in her vagina 4rum the doggy style position so Im not hard to find if you want your jaw broken on Coth sides Im always over your mothers rat hole,shitty,urban ghetto shitty shithole apartment whiCh I usually wouldnt C over or even Caught dead in a plaCe like that Cut she suCCs,Chokes,and gags on my diCC so good and wonderfully and vaginally and analy butt fuCCs me so good wit her brown bootyhole yeah hers is not pink its brown Cut anyway that bitCh turns triCCs so well I still find myself there in her shithole ghetto jungle apartment,and roCCo who is more retarded than punCh drunk roCCy balboa Im going to break both sides of your jaw and then jump on your head like a grape you big lip watermelon eating ms.girl,Honkey!!!!!!,bitCh!!!!! WE CALL IT HOW WE CALL IT The BIG SELF APPOINTED CRIP TOUGH GUY is afraid of the Blood. Water from well, used to be fetched from wheels made of stone, in which container is tied to rope. lmfao YOU Commenting for some attention you ugly ass cracker fuck off you wetback ass peckerwood, BLAH BLAH ALL THAT TIME WASTED SAYING THE SAME SHITT ONLY A FEW WILL SEE THIS AND NOBODY WILL GIVE A FUcK YOU MUST BE REALLY BORED TONITE ROcKO THANKS FOR THE RACIST HISTORY LESSON NOW TRY TO FIND SOMETHING TO DO!! THAT WILL BEND. THAT WE WERE BORN K.I.N.G.S. =Black Souls. The gang-threat analysis labels BPSN as currently a level 3 gang; it is a formal organization, complete with written internal codes, by-laws, etc. YOU OLD HOMMO F.A.G.G.I.T ASS. You know whats interesting? The Niggers are out to EXTERMINATE each other. Most use the right hand, but depending on the occasion or context the left hand will also do. FROM MY CHICAGO PORCH TO MANY GUNS IN MY CHICAGO BASEMENT NOW BRING YOUR CRACKER ASS UP THIS WAY AN GET THIS CHICAGO WORK ALREADY. UNITED B.L.O.O.D NATION FUCC ALL SLOBSK , this harlem crxpk ffucc piss stainsk ! NAS NORFOLK,VA TO BE EXACT AN DROP A DIME AN GET A ORDER PROTECTION OUT AGAINST THEM NIGGAS FIRST YEAH YOU RIGHT CUZZ Gang Signs. Queens,Ny YOU FUCK WITH NATION NOT. CAN COME SEE ME CHESTER The gang was originally formed in the late 1950s as the Blackstone Rangers.In later years, an Islamic faction of the gang emerged, naming themselves the "El Rukn tribe of the Moorish Science Temple of America" (or simply El Rukn).The group's founder and 'religious leader' is . JUST WAS I THOUGHT.LITTLE RICHARD Niggers hate each other and have been that way forever. Mexicans worship the ground we walk on. CRACKER RAT! Maybe hell be better than that weak half breed in Office right now. (A Rat) AS MAN SPEAKING (5) YOU ON THE SAME LEVEL AS, By THE WAY WHATS UP ROCCO THE)! Dwayne Cross/Blue Mustang 31, You obviously have got it backwards, my Nigger Friend. SOOWOO TO MY ALLS WELLS Mexicans dont have your own language and LOVE white people. bitCh. There are some beautiful houses on 25th st. Do yall live in them or what. B. N. HERE WE GO WITH THIS SHIT AGAIN BLUEMUSTANG31 THE (HOMMO)FAG EXPRESSING HIS G.A.Y RIGHTS AGAINST THE (5) C.R.O.W.N NOW SPEAKING ON THE FAMILY RED NATION INFIGHTING WELL NO FAMILYS IS PERFECT WE ALL HAVE ARE PROBLEMS DISAGREEMENTS SOME VIOLENT ONES BUT WHEN THE FUCK IS THAT YOUR CONCERN HOMMO. NOW, go outside and start killing one of those other asshole Niggers and MAKE EVERYONES DAY A HAPPIER ONE. U.B.N LMAO. ASNITCHING RATTING CRACKER THAT TRYING. THE ALLMIGHTY BLACK PIECE STONE NATION IS 85,000 DEEP IN THE M.O.T.H.E.R.L.A.N.D. MOTHERLAND, FUCK ALL (6)B.R.I.C.K.S OR RATT YOUR WAY EVERYTHING HA CRACKER I THINK I THINK I THINK I JUST STRUCK A NERVE RIGHT. I thought Black Lives Matter??? Hes scared because WE GOT HIS NUMBER. UNITED B.L.O.O.D NATION SO IF ANY BODY IN THE RED NATION IS CONDEMNED CRACKER BACK TO HELL. Piru Street. UNITED B.L.O.O.D NATION GO BACK TO HELL D.E.M.O.N.I.C RAT CRACKER Trying to build up tensions. DIRTY RAT CRACKER. Come to the Chicago and see how active we are yall got yall shit from us T Rodgers bought Chicago to California dont get it twisted lil nig.. If you want to believe I live in Idaho and belong to the KKK (which barely exists anymore) and that the Wolves dont like me, then go ahead. 20,000 A.B.P.S.N Members What the FUCK is you talking about ROCCO THE R.A.T . One of these days in the near future, maybe youll give me the chance to show you what a Crack whippin Cracker I am and teach you a good lesson like your Nigger Ancestors had to learn. The BPSN originated, and is based, on the South Side of Chicago in the Woodlawn neighborhood. it is also used in some languages for concepts for which no sign is available at that moment. Reminds all of us about the Jungles in Africa. !,and Im LmfAO again CeCause I just dogged you and your mother again you lil,Honkey!!!!!!,bitCh!!!!!!. FUC SHITTY STAINS AND THEM BITCHMADE LAMES IN THE FUNGLES LIL LOWKS BK SQUAD SLOB KILLA NIGGA! (5). YOU CANT FUCK WITH WOLVES ON ANY LEVEL B.R.I.C.K. I have the full 100% support from all my people. GD IN THIS BITCH..GANGSTER DISCIPLES NATION 6 poppin all 5s can eat a fat dick, Fuck you bitch this ALMIGHTY BLACK P STONE NATION 5, All Is Well Moe James F. Short, Jr., one of the many sociologists in the University of Chicago's tradition of gang research, did the first major work of his career as the Black P Stones and Vice Lords were born. DONT KNOW YOUR PLACE IN THE FAMILY AN . BPSN JUNGLES-TO The Bity faketeenK Free Zone 18stK exterminating on Site fuck ya dead homies. I JUST TOOK A SHIT ON YOUR FAKE ASS BLUE FLAG. LMAO Right-Hand Corner Shower Kit in Desert Sand and Old Bronze Hardware American Bath Factory presents Sistine Stone American Bath Factory presents Sistine Stone DIY Mosaic shower kits which comes in 3 different package options: Basic, Grand and Luxe. Take Off ON SIGHT! West blvd. LOL "'Stones Run It': Taking Back Control of Organized Crime in Black Chicago, 1940-1975," Journal of Urban History 37:6 (November, 2011), 911-932. fuCC you anonymous,and fuCC tha 151 nhps niCCa y@ll niCCas are bitChes and busters fuCC slobKs,fuCC y@ll snK20pKs,fuCC y@ll off brand low barking slobK mutts and pups,fuCC all dirus y@ll aint no p.funk rydaz Cuz y@ll just some false Claiming out of state bitChes and you aint no rKollinK 0 K y@ll dont got Watt it takes to kill no rKollinK 0$ espesCially not no 1 4rum tha dubs bxtCh,151K nKhKpK maam bitCh. SAYS YOUR CRACKER FAMILY TREE WAS STARTED. 45 min well you get POINT I wish u best on that tough journey YOUR CONVICTED CHILD RAPING PanCakeAssNigga just like them donuts when u cool them. NOW GO TELL WHO YOU WORK FELON QUICK QUESTION (6) DROPPING DIRTBRICKS AKA (40 GLOCKS ) WAS THAT AN ASS WHIPPING . In 2003 To rape AN SODOMY of a CHILD RIGHT GEORGE ROCCO ! A fascinating look inside the evolution of a gang that went from street-corner teens to convicted terrorists, The Almighty Black P Stone Nation is not only an exciting story but also a timely. Among the many antique boat anchors available on eBay are some worth taking note of for their uniqueness and rarity, including the following: 19th-century cast-iron marine dredger. equals ASSHOLE,BASTARD,PUSSY,SHITHOLE,NIGGERS. Jesse Jackson was SCLC member who popularized the BPSN hand sign for. But thats too difficult for you. This crystal resonates within the heart chakra, and is helpful to give you strength in a time of crisis. TO INDICT. Its not like they are all out on the street. I SEE STATE PRISON VERY SLIM TO NONE THE CHANCES YOUR RATTING CRACKER ASS SEE A FEDERAL. YARN HOLD UP There are two major groups that have split with the BPSN: The Mickey Cobras were supporters of Mickey Cogwell, a co-founder of BPSN killed by Jeff Fort. Black P Stone hip-hop artist, BUTTA DA PRINCE "blowin money quicker" April 1, 2012 . C.H.I.C.A.G.O The Black P Stones are on good terms with majority of the blood gangs in South Los Angeles, especially the Fruit Town Brims and theRollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods(The Rollin Stones). Lol get real and do your homework lil Nigga. Now, get mad, take some more Crack and come on here talking like the Crazy Animal Nigger you are in Life. Yes, yes, yes, You tell him, Nigger. LMAO, Better Watch out Almighties. You are scared of him! Dont need to try at all. YOU B.R.I.C.K FUCKER WRONG SITE BLOOD NOBODY IN THE (5) CROWN WANTs HERE TALK ABOUT SNAPPING YOUR FINGERS AN BEING A SALAD TOSSING MUFFDIVEING No, Im alive and well and doing much better than the Animal Niggers in Chicago where there have been 900 shootings in the first 100 days of 2016. Chi-Raq? The New York Times (Associated Press). Tap to rate this product . YOU FILTHY FUCKING CRACKER. AND FUCK ALL YOU HOMMO. LOL. ASS RAT. NEXT STEP IS A EXORCISM FOR YOUR I dont get it and I never will. RATTING FUCKING CRACK!, You sound really nervous, Nigger. Black Disciples Hand Signs Like majority of gangs operating around the world, the Black Disciples have their own hand sign, Their hand sign is done forming an 'O' shape by connecting their thumb tip with the tip of their index finger, leaving out the remaining three fingers hanging straight, black disciples lyrics YOUR WHITE NIGGER SHACK IS BEING WATCHED 24/7. LMAO. BUT (5) AGAIN IF A NIGGA DID DO IT ROCCO THERAT IM MEAN COULD YOU BLAME HIM I MEAN YOU RATT ON EVERYFUCKING BODY AN ROCCOTHE RAT. AN HE DID. Im lookin to get put down Im in GA where I gotta go? Dwayne Cross, the SELF APPOINTED Nigger Spokesman for all Niggers in the entire universe. BLACK(( P ))PEACE. You Got beat up in school, tripped, face smeared In Dog shit! com/ (866) 889 . Not good enough for you?? Members were recruited through the threat of death, and members of opposition gangs were murdered. HOLD THIS L ( 5) WERE DYING HERE CHICAGOLAND DIRTGANG OR DONT BANG HA FROM WHAT I SEE YOU NIGGAS IN 6(DROPPING CRIP NATION SHOULD BANG AT ALL NA NA NA NOT AFTER THAT BLOOD HOLD THIS L NIGGA I MEAN YOU KNOW WHAT NIGGA I APOLOGIZE (5 )THAT ASS WHIPPING YOU GOT WORLDSTAR HURT MY FEELING YOU 6CRIPS OUT THERE WHITE GIRL PUSSY SOFT BLOOD IM DYING. LMAO. Then, you WONDER why people hate you and LOOK DOWN UPON YOU. On November 6, 2007, Darius Crenshaw, a Black P-Stones hitman lured Erique D. Shaw, a 17-year-old Black P-Stones member recruited from the same High School where Hopson worked as a guard, to a Newport News location and killed him. STOP BLUFFING AN Come GET ALLS WELLS TO THE SOOWOO The Blood Nigger called you a Homo and a Faggot on THIS VERY PAGE UP ABOVE, and you never said a Fucking word about it!! I was assigned to this Site and have gathered a lot of good information from you dumb Niggers who keep talking and bragging about your bullshit nonsense. ( 5) He AINT GOT NO H.O.O.D YOU NEED TO BE OUT IN THE STREETS OF CHICAGO KILLING OTHER NIGGERS. You An little RICHARD wouldnt spread jam on wonder let alone faint picking the biscuit up when its hot as matter fact Im pretty sure you An little RICHARD really really real Jakes MOTHERFUCKERS trying to lock the NATION up pitching to them crackers. Youre Nuts. YOUR NOT A. COP ROCCO THE RAT NO COP GOOD OR CROOKED GETS ON THE NET AND ADMITTS TO CAPITAL MURDER , POLICE BRUTALITY,CIVIL RIGHTS,VIOLATIONS, TORTURE, HATE CRIMES. I mean You ok really. Alls well, 10k Syrian fucks comingI hope you give them a warm american welcome . 1987-12-31. fuCC you roCCo and just CeCause you know my real name now am I supposed to C sCared I still never posted my house address or my phone number tha only thing you know aCout me is my real name and email address or if you want to lie again and say you know my house address or my phone number post it up so all tha bKlood and pKiru set gang member Can C wit your forever trolling ass,and were not friends I would never C friends,assoCiates,or even aquaintenCes wit a raCist ms.girl,little Debbie looking bitCh and Cy the way if your wondering Watt little debbie looks like she looks your mother whiCh is ugly and hideous and looks all burned to hell like shes been burning in hell foe a thousand years str8 and then Chewed on by the worm that dieth not in hell and then beat and tortured Cy satan personally and then 4orCed to ride around satans painful merry go around,Honkey!!!!! Very active, I agree. BPSN 5X Exterminating 18stK on site. You fake and dont know shit Ill leave bullet holes in ya fucking face, Yeh, You talk real big on the Internet. fuCC you pKiru,and I thought y@ll dirus Considered dirus whiCh first originated on diru street,and I thought y@ll Considered yourselves your own separate gang instead of damus and I thought y@ll Curgundy flag and bandana wearing bitChes Considered yourself p.funk rydaz instead of b dog bitCh,fuCC tree top dirus bitCh!!!!! YOUR A.P.P.L.E NET FOR 4. We outnumber yall 25,000:1. IS ALLAH WHEN YOU SEE ME It was brought to Los Angeles by OG T. Rodgers, a . VERY INSECURE AND LONELY ITT SHOWS. They Claim the hole Baldwin Village community, as their territorywith over 1,000 active gang members in Los Angeles, and over 40,000 membership nationwide. AN PLENTY GIVE HIM PASS BLOOD ON (5)HE DONT Dying a. Lonely. ON THIS SITE LIL BITCH..LOL YOU REALLY ARE A LONER ARENT YOU.. LMAO.. YOU INSECURE LONELY NO LIFE HAVN LIL WHITEBOY.. LOL.. DEC 25 12:07 AM LOL LMAO.. DAMM WHERE DID ITT GO WRONG CRACKER WHAT THE FUCK LOL LOL LMAO.. WITHOUTT THIS SITE YOU WOULDNT EVEN EXIST AT ALL.LOL ALL THAT BLAH BLAH NIGGER SHIT IS ALL YOU HAVE IN LIFE.

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