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Plain grain straight stock wood is in nice condition, 29-1/2 inch barrel. My other edc gun is a Winchester 86 extra light in 45-70. Dan, I thought that home invaders were pests and varmints to be controlled. Antique Handguns Antique Longarms Bayonets, Swords, and Knives Gatling Guns Vintage Ammo and Other Related Items Don't Miss Out on News from Dixie Gun Works! A very nice petite 20g by George Bate, a small but well-respected English gun maker in the center of the Birmingham gun trade on Steel House Lane. Charles Lancaster in its makers case ~ Beautiful Nitro proofed Damascus, Alex Henry 12g. What there is extremely fine and could easily be polished out if desired. DAVID KIRKWOOD 10 GAUGE HAMMERLESS SHOTGUN GI#: 102222780 Gun features a pistol grip checkered walnut stock. Antique Percussion Cape Gun Pontiac Mich. G.W. People often think the English London BEST sidelock is the most beautiful of the classic double guns but every once and awhile we get a boxlock in that is extremely attractive, handles well, and made with extreme care and craftsmanship. One of the best sounds is the deep sound of the hollow tube when a fresh 12ga shell is ejected and a new one is inserted. One does NOT become competent or capable by purchasing or owning ANY firearm..or with any firearm they never practice with under various conditions. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Some big news for trigger pullers recently from the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Great article. The bores are bright and shiny and show no dents or dings. Cimarrons Cowboy Action Shooting version of the famous Colt 1878 Shotgun with real working hammers. This gun was imported by VL&D of NY in probably the 1920's. I hate having to pull the empties out, and in an actual defensive situation, being slowed down that much could be dangerous. 1800. Weight: 6 Lbs. Sorry, there are no results in your area. But otherwise , thank you for the very technical legal advice as Im sure its a benefit to us all who did plan on shooting those fleeing from us when the opportunity came. BLUE Toy Double Barrel Shot Gun Rifle With Shells Ejection soft dart. The left side of the frame has the Robbins & Lawrence and C.P. Details. If you need it to be politically correct and not a scary black evil gun, everyones grandpa has a wood stock and blued steel. I estimate this gun was built shortly after 1909. A short shotgun was a great all around defensive tool at medium range. Required fields are marked *. Ogden Smiths and Hussey 16g ~ This would make someone a great little upland gun! Major and minor roadways have always been prime places for folks to get robbed by various forms of bandits. The minimal wall thickness is thicker than most in fact very thick for this vintage shotgun. Great wall thickness and American style stock dimensions tell me along with this condition that this gun will not last long! I was introduced to #4 by a professional hunter that hunted coyotes from a helicopter. Has 16" barrel and 32" overall length. That said, I suspect it will be a long time before the liberals in any capacity begin to acknowledge that we gun owners and gun rights organization members have the kind of clout that we do have. I recommend cocking only one hammer at a time until you are very familiar with the shotgun. We date this Agnew to 1909. Single Shot ~ Elegance in miniature! The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt! Second having access to backup rounds was considered, and third the intimidation of a laser sight/flashlight combination was also added with a folding stock. The 20-gauge kicks about half as much as the 12-gauge and carries about 55% of the payload. IMA USA - Both Vintage & Antique Double Barrel Shotguns Price range: $1995-$3000 IMA USA has a lot of different options for firearms, especially when it comes to vintage and antique finds. When I took it to the range the first time, I found myself wishing I could have pushed through batwing doors with this little time machine of a shotgun. In that regard this gun is a perfect example as it is hard to close. While probably could use a new black on the barrels soon it was nice to find an English double with original 2 3/4" proofs that was in nice condition and field ready. William Powell built nice guns and this one while rather plain is in excellent condition. My wife knows how to use, though the recoil is pretty rough in the 12 gauge model. William Evans boxlock ~ A very quality gun for the price which is tight and field ready, Thomas Wild 12g. Weight empty is 8 pounds. Moral is that any load of any type of shot, with a center of mass hit, is deadly. I also have a Stoger IGA Coachgun in 12ga for home defense. C.S. I just dont see the need in the confines of my bedroom. It will beat you up after a little while, and 3-inch turkey shells are going to make you know you shot them. It might be better to purchase a 20ga coach gun to lesson the recoil and Im sure #2 or #3 buckshot in 20ga, especially in the home would handle any man or dog or animal with zero problems. 1-of-a Kind HAiR The MUSICAL 1988 20th Anniversary CAST SIGNED THEATER POSTER! The 28 bbl 12ga version has choke tubes that are changable, WinChoke thread. Vintage Double Barrel SXS Shotgun Wooden Forend Lot of 3 Grade 2 Pre-Owned $30.00 libertytreecollectors (21,045) 100% Buy It Now +$14.00 shipping Sponsored Antique T Parker Bro's Shotgun 12 ga Double Barrel England 30" Parts Only $225.00 fredc23 (3,227) 98.6% or Best Offer +$29.99 shipping Sponsored If he isnt running away after the skeet load she fires barrel 2. Percussion With Original Scabbard. MON-FRI 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST SAT 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. CST I have to ask: When you say Size of shot pattern for birdshot to buck shot no more than a quater under 15 , have you actually patterned your gun? A 12 gauge double barrel coach gun by Manhattan Arms Companycirca 1890. A tight classic Lancaster of London. A pump has more rounds on tap than the coach gun. is very tight on face and has very bright bores. Total quality made about 1000. Its an ejection break action. Original, English Engraved ROBINSON & SON Antique ~7 Gauge Shotgun Fowler PERCUSSION Large Bore FOWLING Piece .90 Caliber Here we present an antique L. Robinson & Sons Large Bore Fowling Piece. Some coach style guns come with choke tubes, which is useful. All rights reserved. They feel so natural in the hands. Availability: Please Call 1877 SIXGUN1. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Or if you want the naked hammers and full-length barrels, then the CZ Hammer Classic is sure to fit the bill with its huge, period-correct 30-inch barrels. Plus, those barrels produced solid patterns at, and a bit beyond, typical self-defense distances. I am by no means an expert, but my thinking the coach gun known as a blunderbuss was a mussel loaded black powder gun. They all stated that the 12ga kicked way too much for them and way way too much for their wives. of Edinburgh Scotland ~ A solid Scottish double that is ready for the field, W.W. Greener Model FH35 ~ This is a very original Greener with 2 3/4" proofs, Watson Brothers boxlock with newer barrels by John Dickson & Son. They also add a couple of steps to the loading and firing process. Markings are "Giuseppe Merli in Brescia". WANTED! While prior to the advent of metallic cartridges, the blunderbuss and muzzle loaded side by side were known as coach guns, that term has also been carried forth to include side by side shotguns as often seen up on the boot of stagecoaches in the Old West. Coach guns have extractors, but no ejectors (like a single-shot external hammer gun I have). I have several Mossys in 20 ga excellent inexpensive insurance. The locks work well a, W Moore and Co London double barrel Damascus 10 gauge percussion left side lock moves freely but does not lock back $650 in very good condition, "Caswell and Dodge Musket. Quality work. Trigger guard is brass. And with self/house defense laws as they have become in recent years in many states, there is absolutely no need to warn the intruder. Add to Wish List . He was kicking a blowdown (fallen tree) and instead of a rabbit, up pops a bear. Right barrel has lifted dent 12" from breech on +that could use just a touch more work to be gone and then polished would be gone. A wide selection of CMP surplus ammo will 2023 JNews - Premium WordPress news & magazine theme by Jegtheme. Found this post and thought that everyone would like to know that #7 1/2 birdshot is very deadly at ranges measured in inches, not yards. American Gun- Knickerbocker Double Barrel- Left & Right Lock w/ some parts . Open hammers, dual triggers. I have found with my 20 870 (deer barrel, rifle sights) that the IC choke gives good buckshot patterns and excellent slug accuracy. Cond. Not lockplates in it however. Good article in particular Its important to discuss the 20 ga which I seldom see done. Cimarron Firearms has a reputation for their excellent reproductions of Old West pistols, rifles and shotguns. CZ Bobwhite G2. I just returned from shooting wild pheasant and quail in eastern Oregon and I cannot tell you how pleased I was on how my little 16g. The Western Cowboy Back / Saddle Coach Shotgun Scabbard is made of top grain leather and is available in Black or Brown Colors of. Rosson was a great maker in Norwich England on Rampant Horse street. Buy a coach gun online. JP Sauer 16g ~ a solid little Prussian made gun that would be great for grouse or quail, James Woodward & Sons 20ga. Up close there is little spread on any shotgun round. On this type of gun that would not be horribly expensive. Some years ago I bought a Spartan, 20 inch coach gun. The barrels are tight on face (they ring beautifully) and the bores quite nice being bright and free of any heavy pitting. Beautiful gun with burled walnut stock and engraving on the side plates. This gun is tight and field ready. I love the rather naive but well done game scenes on the action. Just because you are small (she is 50 110lb) their is no need to fear a 12 ga. A 20 gauge, or even a .410, will work IF you can hit a 6 paper plate at 10 yards, and keep almost every pellet on the plate. These chores include serving as a go-anywhere, do-anything, all-around tool for hunting, pest control and personal defense. . To fire, cock the hammers and pull the trigger. coach gun for sale and auction. In reality, Jimmy, the blunderbuss was a single barrel gun, since the flared muzzle would preclude two barrels collimated side by side. The 1878 has an American walnut stock, two 3 chambers, 12 gauge cylinder bores, two side-by-side 20 barrels and two triggers, one for each chamber, standard blue finish Truly and outstanding looking and shooting firearm. I have also found that staring down both barrels has a tremendous psychological impact on most neer-do-wells. Serial: 3975. The barrel is a dark plum brown patina. An extremely strong and unusual prewar 16g. Its light, handy will kick out a hull over either shoulder should you decide to use left handed. Dan is absolutely right; his M1 carbine is a much better choice. $14.95. In the Old West. Antique Firearms. The double-barrel with two loads of buckshot was ideal for taking dangerous felons at gunpoint. Many years ago (late 1960s) a family friend was hunting rabbits in South Maine one sunny February day. From the images of old west guards riding shotgun on a stagecoach to the modern hammer-fired double, the double-barrel has an unmistakable image and the threat of a double-charge of buckshot. Pattern whatever you have at house distances. Both guns operate in the same fashion, new enhanced safety/trigger devices were added and are readily accessible. ), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (flint), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (perc), United States Patent Firearms Revolvers/Pistols, Century Arms International (CAI) - Shotguns, Antique (Pre-1899) Shotguns - Misc. This gun is field ready. My Rossi overland coach 12 ga has an improved barrel on the left (front trigger) and a modified barrel on the right (rear). A hammer gun has to be cocked and under stress that might get you killed. Francotte Beautifully Side Plated boxlock in wonderful condition ~ I love the engraving and case colors, Charles Hellis and Sons ~ Check out the engraving and other features of this beautiful little double, William Evans high grade boxlock in nice condition, Thomas Adsett & Sons "Churchill" model with the Churchill rib, W.C. Scott in wonderful original condition and nitro proofed 2 3/4". A staple of the Old American West, Impact Guns carries a wide variety of side-by-side, double barrel, shotgun designs. True..the side-by-side is a fairly compact firearm, but there are a number of pump guns that are also equally, if not more, compact. I prefer #4 Buck in 12 gauge loads for self defense.#3 Buck in 20 gauge will do the jobCenter Mass hits at 15-20 yards/meters should stop and take the fight out of the Bad Guy. In super condition this little Churchill only weighs what many 16g and 20-gauge guns weigh but still manages to balance beautifully. With their limited capacity, the original coach guns might not be the best comparatively, but they are still really solid and effective. Please try a new zip code and search again. GunID: 4765. 20 gauge is a great choice for people of light of stature. Give me a call if you know of someone that has one, even it may not be on the market. I prefer its striker design, but otherwise Im in total agreement with the author. The Premier Body Armor Vertx Collaboration Adds More Options, VIDEO: Police Snipers Train for Super Bowl LIV With .50 BMG, More, The MAUSER 98 125th Anniversary Limited-Edition Series, FIRST LOOK: Glock Just Very Quietly Unveiled the New Glock 47 Pistol, Police Sidearms: The Handguns of Americas 10 Largest Departments, Black Creek Labs MRX Bronco, TRX Bronco Hunter Rifles, CMP Surplus Ammo Coming Soon in M2 Ball, .30 Carbine & More, Active School Shooter Training: 14 Key Points to Consider, 5 Strategies For Effectively Completing a Tactical Reload, FIRST LOOK: Colt CBX Precision Chassis Rifle Ready to Compete & Win, 5 Common Myths on How to Survive a Gunfight, Understanding Stand Your Ground Laws and Castle Doctrine, Long-Distance Shooting: 5 Must-Know Tips For Spotters & Shooters, IMPACT Experience Events Redefine Your Long-Range Shooting Limits, Sniper Skills: Taking Your Shooting Precision to the Next Level. Tight, clean, field ready and has great dimensions. Vintage Double Barrel Shotgun Forearm Iron Parts lot Stevens Savage Ithaca Read. Off topic but just as important: why isnt the liberal press giving us, NRA/gun owners more credit for defeating Hilary? This is one of the most unique side by side shotguns we have ever had in the shop. . I am a bit of a traditionalist anyway. There are 16 models in their coach gun line in both 12 and 20 gauge with different finish and stock options, all with 20-inch barrels. Give me a call! Well written article for those who chose to use one. Chambers are polished and chamfered, so shells go in and out like you remember when your wives were young. This is a very nice little English boxlock with very nice barrels and plenty of choke which is good if you want it or can be opened to anything you would like. At 10 feet (I didnt pattern at 15), my coach gun (CAI, 12 gauge 20 bbl) has a spread of right about 3+ inches. eventually became my DOVE GUN. Here we present an antique Nicolas Noel Boutet Double Barrel Side by Si, This gun appears to be about 1/2 scale. As a five shot double action revolving shoulder weapon, one can put a number of bursts on a target at in-house distances that will definitely put the hurt on a bad guy in short order. Web Hosting and Design by InMotion Hosting, Be the first to review Cimarron 1878 Coach Side By Side 12 GA Shotgun 3Chamber Walnut Stock, Adaptive Tactical Venom Shotgun Conversion Kits, Short Barrel Rifles (SBR) and Short Barrel Shotguns (SBS). The action is extremely tight out of the box and even a little tough to open at first. My gunsmith, Buck Hamlin, over thirty years ago encouraged me to put these chokes in my game gun and assured me there would be more birds in my bag and he was totally right. The Hammer Coach comes with 20-inch cylinder choke barrels, which is right in the middle for coach-gun barrel length. 1822. The guns of the Civil war were certainly effective. We wish we did not have to consider this, but sometimes we do. Rare DREYSE NEEDLE FIRE Shotgun PRUSSIAN Antique Double Barrel SxS 16 Gauge c1850s Predecessor to the Centerfire System! What are you using? Your email address will not be published. A magnificent 18-bore double-barreled flintlock sporting gun, #862, made in 1806, and so marked inside each lock and on the underside of the barrels at the breeches. You may wish to cock them one at a time, or both at once in anticipation of firing. Just some thoughts to consider. . Home Our Collection Contact About Antique Firearms . CG1878-20. A very solid 2 3/4" gun with great barrels and bores. Before jump in, it's worth noting that we chose production firearms. For those in an urban setting, the shotgun with proper loads makes for a good Brooklyn special. *This has great choking for upland game, wood cock, and grouse. The modern hammer-fired double barrel has the advantage of simplicity. The Shooter's Log, is to provide informationnot opinionsto our customers and the shooting community. No sane person faces down a 68 yr old man in his underwear with a freshly charged pump gun. Having said that I have two Mossberg 500s outfitted for both in and out of home situations. Fine condition with checkering having been freshened. This classic London Lancaster assisted opener is in very nice condition. Weight: 7 Lbs. Great dimensions and barrels .

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