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Yes, youre 100% correct, the Sasseville surname goes way back Greenia = Grenier Most of the surnames are derived from the official Metis Nation of Ontario project, but Ive also added a few from more recent generations. ARCADIAN HEALTH PLAN, INC. NPI is 1598910549. Besides the families of the hereditary nobility, or the seigneurial class (dAbbadie de Saint-Castin, DAmours, Denys, Le Borgne de Blisle, LeNeuf de La Vallire, Mius dEntremont and Turgis de Saint-tienne de la Tour), who bring a certain amount of blue, even royal blood into the veins of some Acadians, there are families of the corsairs (Guyon, Maisonnat, Morpain), those of the heroes of the resistance against the British (Broussard, Maillet), as well as those of several victims of the French Revolution (Granger, Le Prince). In French, mtis is the adjective's form while Mtis is the name's form. Charboneau, Menard, Roy, Fortier. Taylor = Tailleur These names I kept seeing every once in a while during my searching other lines taking me back to Canada. john pawlowski obituary; how to prevent albinism during pregnancy; honeyglow pineapple vs regular pineapple; nickelodeon live show tickets; goway travel liquidation St. Pierre = Sampierre Click here to go to MyHeritage to get started today! Many Mi'kmaq were given first names by the French. Who issued the card? Gonlah = Gumlaw Note: confirmed=tribe or native status is confirmed, sometimes tribe is not known. Veron=Verron, Varon, Biron | Reply, Thank you for giving me a starting point I have a really good book on Meloche family but it want to explore more, Comment by Mark | In fact, in 1650, Catherine LeJeune, at 17 years of age, married Francois Savoie. Derouin = Drouin 2008 - 2023 INTERESTING.COM, INC. The goal of these posts is to gather all the links to information about one surname on one post so that it is easier to find. Goosie = Gousy Quebec mtDNA matches to IN43799 (a descendant of Francoise Olivier) includes 22 C1c DNA matches, 17 are GD=0. In Canada, native races (Aboriginal peoples) include: First Nations - the indigenous peoples of Canada, sometimes called North American Indians. Germain Lejeune and his family were among the last to settle at the Baie-des-Espagnols, having arrived in the early fall of 1750. mtDNA Proven Origins - Acadian Ancestral Home by Lucie Consentino. Cree, Metis, Saulteaux FEB 2023, Hardy | Cree, Atlin (BC) First Nations, Ojibwa, Mixed-heritage:Scottish, Hebert | BC First Nations, Metis, Ojibway, Hill | BC, Cayuga, Chip., Delaware, Iroquois, Mikmaq, Mohawk, Ojibwa, Oneida, Onodaga, Six Nations, Hunt, Hunter | Metis, Algonquin, BC First Nations, Beaver, Blackfoot, Cree, Kwakiutl, Ojibway, Sioux, Skookym Chuck, Stoney, Ignace | Metis, Algonquin, Chippewa, Ojibway. Ploof = Plouffe Fournier = Fuller At what point does the Acadia project not include people in Gaspe? Cindy Borque sent me the following, which I think should be incorporated here: Thank you, Murray, I added the two we didn't have. St. Onge = Santaw, Tailleur = Taylor People of Mi'kmaq descent (or any known or unknown tribe) may be known as First Peoples no matter how thin the blood goes down through descendants. Most of the surnames are derived from the official Metis Nation of Ontario project, but I've . [ Y-DNA Results], Accessed DATE., Citation:Estes, Roberta and Marie Rundquist. Luman = Lemoine p. XX, Citation:Estes, Roberta and Marie Rundquist. The area comprising today's New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island was once known as Arcadie. Bobo = Bourbeau Gareau = Garrow Evidence of Metis communities around Chaleur Bay by Victorin N. Mallet. It involves changing an ancestor's identity to fit one's current desire to shift. Bolduke = Bolduc Brown | Metis, BC, Chip, Cree, Mississ. Lajeunesse = Young It contains surnames from my family trees and other family trees Ive worked on as well as surnames that appear in my First Nations, Metis and Mixed-heritage projects. Their immediate descendants were born in/around Barachois, Gaspe. Jacobs | BC, Cayuga, Chip., Cree, Delaware, Iroquois, Nakota Seneca, Oneida, Sioux, Six Nations, Tusc. Brockney = Branconnier Boutin = Button I'm just trying to understand where we draw the line, because I rely on two sites: Our Gaspe Roots, run by Aldo Brochet and Lani Baker. A number of names on the list would be immediately recognized as Acadian names everywhere Acadians have settled. onenote change background color; rolfe reflective model 2001 reference; tommy welch chicago fire actor; meath ireland pronunciation; texas railroad commission well search by operator Each nation reaches its own judgement about membership based on its own nations knowledge, traditions and community circumstances. 470 pages, including bibliography and annexes. [[Category: Abenaki]], Indigeneous People Married to Acadians (first known generation only) Cooper | BC First Nations (inc. Cowichan, Taupsham), Chippewa, Cree, Metis, Ojibway, Daniel, Daniels | BC First Nations, Chipewyan, Chippewa, Cree, Metis, Ojibway, Salish, Saulteaux, Sioux, Atikamekw / Tete de Boule, Denis, St. Denis + | Metis, Abenaki, Algonquin, Chippewa, Cree, Iroquois, Malecite / Maliseet, Desjarlais | Chippewa, Cree, Metis, Ojibway, Saulteaux, Sioux, Stoney, Edward, Edwards | BC First Nations, Chippewa, Cree, Iroquois, Metis, Ojibway, Slavi / Slavey, Stony, Elliott | BC First Nations, Bella Coola, Chippewa, Mohawk, Nishga / Nisgaa, Ojibway, Salish, Six Nations, Favel | Cree, Metis, Ojibway, Salteaux / Saulteaux, Fletcher | BC First Nations, Cree, Mohawk, Metis, Ojibway, Salish, Goulet | Chippewa, Cree, Metis, Mikmaq, Ojibway, Slavey (Goolay), Maurice | Carrier, Metis, Mikmaq, Okana | Surname Anchor Post. Chicoine = Shequin Boileau = Drinkwater Eventually the name became Acadia. Gonyeau = Gagnon Aubin = Obin Particularly significant is the absence of census records for Acadia after 1714. Hello Roger, Rousseau = Brooks Shonyo = Chagnon Rockford = Rochefort Visible Anyone can find this group. Gerard = Girard/Girouard St. Pierre | Algonquin, BC First Nations, Cree, Mont., Ojibway, Salish, Stoney, Fr. The Mikmaqs originally covered Prince Edward Island (le Saint-Jean), most of Nova Scotia, and some of the New Brunswick Acadie area. Dezotelle = Desautels City of San Dimas Business Support Center. If your Bertrand line traces back to Canada chances are your Bertrands will have Metis, but dont take me by my word alone check everything out real good. Tro(t)tier=Trotchie, Trutchie, Trouchia WIKITREE PROTECTS MOST SENSITIVE INFORMATION BUT ONLY TO THE EXTENT STATED IN THE TERMS OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY. More about Metis can be found on this page. If someone has both, Metis Nation and a known nation from another parent, both tags may be used. Jaquin=Jaqueen, Jackins, Jakins Two Mtis organizations exist within the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve, The Association des Acadiens-Metis Souriquois and the Eastern Woodland Mtis Nation. I have a few surnames in my family tree listed on your site. A couple can be married persons or persons having a child. An exception to this would be if the person ever was referred to as Metis (the Metis Nation) in records even if their originated tribe was known. Maison = Mas(s)on The marriages recorded at Port-Royal from 1702, at Grand-Pr from 1707, and Beaubassin from 1712, provide us with some samples of what we would find if all the registers had survived. ." Index: Indigenous, Metis & Mixed-Heritage Surname Anchor Posts, Allan, Allen | BC First Nations, Cree, Metis, Micmac, Mohawk, Shushwap, Brook, Brooks | BC First Nations, Dennay / Dene, Haida, Malecite / Maliseet, Mikmaq, Saulteaux, Wyandotte. Sauvage is used in some documents but this is not a LNAB or surname for Indigenous people (there are French people with the name Sauvage). Longway = Langevin Accessed DATE, Citation:White, Stephen A. Corbo = Corbeau Rondeau = Rondo Tatro = Ttreault Unfortunately, none of these three parishes just named, had all of its records and no registers survived at all for Cobeguit, the two churches at Pisiquit, the Rivire-aux-Canards, Chipoudy, the Pointe-de-Beausjour, Tintamarre, Chebogue, or any of the lesser missions of old Acadia. The center column (second column) contains spelling variations of the name in the first column, and only of that name. Buskey = Bousquet Laliberte | Metis, Chippeway, Mixed Cree, Fr. I hope that you find what your looking for. Now Through Feb 14th. Lof(f)ler = Lafleur Dont use the Metis Maritime or US coastal tags with these as these are only for the Metis Nation confirmed people. Pelletier = Pelkey Simard = Seymard = Rondo = Rondeau Dominic Gagnon Other results can be found here, and here. Rasco(e) = Racicot . Cota = Ct Acadian Surnames from the Census of 1671: Acadian Surnames from the Census of 1671 Click here for a full size image: Contents. The term "Acadians" refers to immigrants from France in the early 1600s who settled in the colony of Acadia, in what are now the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. I intend to cite the work of these researchers, but I'm not sure that we need an example on this page. I have names and dates of my ancestry, yet I do not see our name added to the list? Its under development and is intended to be a Finding Aide to any information on this site that relates to the Ontario Metis. Favero = Favreau Ive listed those surnames in black at the foot of this post. The term, "Souriquois", means "salt water men" and was commonly used by early French explorers and settlers of our lands to describe the Mi'kmaw People of the Nova Scotia mainland and sea . Levick = Levesque The Surname Anchor Posts collect indigenous and Metis-related links. Sans Laurent = St. Laurent Clokey/Clouckie = Cloutier I compiled the following list of Acadian surnames along with dit names (surname nicknames) from the following Acadian website where you can view which ancestral families were recorded in various census documents including 1671, 1686, 1714 and a deportation list from 1755. Boivin = Drinkwine Gagnon = Gonyeau Picard = Pecor Marsha=Mercier OGR includes information about Guillaume Capelan m. Unknown Mi'kmaq and their descendants, including Johannes Becker m. Marie David Moreau | Metis, Montagnais, Cree,French, Morin | Metis, Algonquin, Cree, Saulteaux, Mixed heritage, Morrison | Cree, Mikmaq, Kispiox (Gitskan) Jerome, Morrisseau | Metis, Mixed-heritage: Ojibway, French, Nicholas | Nicolas | Cree, Iroquois, Malecite, Mikmaq, Ojibway, Oneida, Six Nations, Nolan / Nolin | Metis, Cree, Iroquois, Montagnais, Ojibwe, Paquet | Metis, Chipewyan, Cree, Mixed-heritage: Fr., Cree, Paradis | Metis, Mixed-heritage: Cree,French, Payette / Pyette | Cree, Metis, Ojibway, Mixed-heritage: Montagnais, Pelletier | Metis, Cree, Ojibway, Ottawa, Mixed: Cree, French, Perras | Iroquois, Mixed-heritage: Iroquois, Perrault | Metis, Ojibway, Mixed-heritage: Chippewa, Cree, Phillips (&vari.) Como = Comeau D. "vidence de communauts mtisses autour de la baie des Chaleurs: D'hier aujourd'hui", paperback. Lavallee | Metis, Saulteaux, Chippewa, Cree, Fr. These change frequently so the date is important, Fill in the date accessed as these data may change, Fill in the date accessed and the update date which is currently May 2020, as these data may change, Fill in the page (very helpful to others as the pages are not otherwise indicated) and date accessed, as these data change, Enter the date you accessed this, and a page number of found. . Accessed DATE., CitationConsentino, Lucie LeBlanc, Administrator [ Mothers of Acadia mtDNA Project mtDNA Test Results] PAGE, Accessed DATE, Citation: [ mtDNA test results Quebec mtDNA Project], page X. Accessed DATE., Citation: [ yDNA test results], page X. Accessed DATE.. Trudo = Trudeau Beaulac = Bolack | First Nations Mixed Heritage, list of Ontario Metis surnames, the Metis of Ontario. Search in these categories to find other profiles with the designations Founding Mothers of Acadia - Acadian Ancestral Home, are links to surname mini-indexes. Allain, Allard, Amirau, Arostegny, Arsenault, Aubin, Aucoin Robitaille = Rabtoy/Robtoy Thanks. [ mtDNA Proven Origins]. Ouellette = Willet(te), Wellet(te), Paradee = Paradis I saved the document in the hopes that I could find someone to translate it. LaRoque's census in 1752 indicates quite precisely when each of the families arrived. Rushlow = Rocheleau, Sampierre = St. Pierre Each post below serves to organize the information that is currently scattered about the site. Jacques = Jacks I refer to this book frequently, usually togther with Denis Jean's book. Viens = Cummings Cecile (Bertrand)BERTEAU married Jean DENIS Abt. January 11, 2020 Desport = Desparts Jebo(w) = Gibeau(lt), LaBatt = Dabat The Mothers of Acadia Maternal DNA project conducts ongoing research to verify their origins. Sheni = Chainey Longtoe = Lanctôt In the meantime, in case you missed it theres this post Tremblay = Trombley Sanderson | Metis, Chippewa, Cree, Scot. Trudeau | Metis, Ojibway, Ottawa, First Nations, Villebrun | Metis, Ojibway, Cree, French, Villeneuve | Metis, Montagnais, Slavi, Mixed Cree, Vincent | Metis, Abenaki, Algonquin, Cree, Huron, Iroquois, Ojibway, Otchipas, Saulteaux, Walker | Metis, BC First Nations, Chip., Cree, Iro., Mikmaq, Six Nations, White | Metis, Assiniboine, BC First Nations, Cree, Delaware, Iroquois, Powawatomi, Saulteaux, Six Nations, Whitford | Metis, Beaver, Cree, English, William, Williams | BC First Nations, Chip., Cree, Inuit (Esquimaux), Iroquois, Mikmaq, Young | Metis, Assin., Chippewa, Cree, Mikmaq, Ojibway, Sioux, Six Nations, Your email address will not be published. It's under development and is intended to be a Finding Aide to any information on this site that relates to the Ontario Metis. Acadian Family Names 1700 to 1755 and Variations, Louisiana judge put the x in Cajun names, The First Bergeron d'Amboises in The Americas, French first/given names (prnoms franais), Family Names and Nicknames in Colonial Qubec, MyHeritage DNA: More than Just Family History. My family name is Annett from Gaspe Quebec.My grandmother on dads side was a Johnson.Her mom was an OConnor.Mom side was Girard and Vardon.My siblings have a Metis card.Would like to know more about my ancestors.where Metis is from and and other tribes associated with my family and how. Generally, genealogical research consists of digging through old civic or religious records, working backwards from yourself to your ancestors. Goodheart = Bunker, Boncoeur For genealogical purposes the absence for the early period of the records of marriages, or marriage contracts which normally form the most reliable sources of such information, is the chief difficulty one encounters. I am going through Tanguay's listing of "dit" names & spelling variations he has . Evelyn. Miller/Millar = Meilleur If a particular family name does not have any spelling variations nor any dit names, that will be noted in the respective columns. Names Many Mi'kmaq were given first names by the French. Lefebvre = Lefave, Lafave, Bean Letourneau = Litno, Turner Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. History & Genealogy of Acadians on the Acadian Coast and Bayou Lafourche Basin of Louisiana. Laflamme=Laflim Levesque = Levick Johnston / Johnstone Metis, BC First Nations,Blackfoot, Mixed: Ojib., Eng., Fr., Scot. The sticker can be added to all descendants no matter how far down. Each First Nation and Metis organization has its own experts for that purpose. St. Mars = Cinq-Mars Rouiar = Rouillard Jeangra(s)w = Gingras Lemoine = Luman Gumlaw = Gonlah, Jacks = Jacques I believe the date of the baptism is on May 24, 1779. These events illustrate the growing interest of Francophones in genetic genealogy as citizen science and its use for the purposes of family and community history.". Native women did not use the title "Princess"[1]. Such families, especially those who only settled in Acadia in the last quarter century before the disaster of 1755, are only identified as Acadians by documents concerning the exiles in Qubec, France, the British American colonies, the West Indies, French Guyana or Louisiana. The descendants of Guillaume Capela and Unknown Mi'kmaq have largely been residents of Gaspe, and Restigouche in N.B. The list is limited to French colonies in North America and to couples created before 1800. She was married to Francois Pilon; I believe his middle name was Xavier. The origin of our Acadian families, especially the oldest and largest among them, are but little known. Desparts = Desport Dion(ne)=Young Brault = Brow Wolastoqiyik of the Saint John River drainage were called Maliseet by the Mi'kmaq. (2020, May). Langevin = Longway Corbeau = Corbo Wherever possible, I've posted census links to the individual surnames - but either way there is always a link . | Reply, Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | The Quebec mtDNA project: Lanctt = Languedoe, Langdo, Loncto, Lonto, Laucto, Longtoe Trombley = Tremblay Private Messages: Some of these may have come from France, also as I said Acaidian, through New Foundland to La. I have slowly been putting together a tree and disconnected branches thereof of Acadian and Canadian metis, using various sources, an Acadian CD, and my knowledge of names currently in the Maine tribes. My genealogy was here in the new world as early as the 1500s. MARIE married Nicolas (Fronsac) DENYS Abt 1701. Jacques | Abenaki, Amalecite, Iroquois, Mikmaq, Ojibwa, Janvier | Metis, Chipewyan, Dene FEB 2023, Jean, John, Johnny | BC First Nations, Chippewa, Cree, Delaware, Salish, Shushwap, Slavey, Johnson | Metis, Cayuga, Chip., Mikmaq,Mohawk, Six Nations, Tusc. Gaspesie, Ristigouche, Bay of Chaleurs were areas where many Acadians settled when they escaped British control of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. | Metis, Abenaki, BC First Nations, Iroquois, Mikmaq, Montagnais, Picard | Metis, Abenaki, Iroquois, Malecite, Montagnais, Abenaki, Pierre | Algonquin, BC First Nations, Algon., Cree, Monta., Ojib., Salish, Stoney, Pigeon | Ojibway, Saulteaux, First Nations, Poitras | Metis, Cree, Mixed-heritage: Cree, Prosper | BC First Nations, Cree, Mikmaq, Proulx | Metis, Chippewa, Mixed-heritage: Cree,French, Rainville | Metis, Abenaki, Mixed-heritage: Cree,French, Recollet | Metis, Chippewa, Ojibway, Ottawa Mixed-heritage: Chippewa, Richard | BC First Nations, Chippewa, Cree, Mikmaq, Ojibway, Mixed-heritage, Robert, Roberts | Metis, Abenaki, Algonquin, BC First Nations, Chippewa, Mikmaq, Cree, Mistassini (Cree), Ojibway, Robillard | Metis, Saulteaux, Mixed heritage, Robinson | Metis, Algon., BC First Nations, Cree, Mikmaq, Ojib., Chip., Cree, Roy | Cree, Metis, Mikmaq, Ojibway, Ottawa. Shontelle = Chantal Julian | Chippewa, Cree, Montagnais,Mikmaq, Kelly | Metis, BC First Nations, Iroquois, Ojibway, Kennedy | Metis, Assiniboine, BC First Nations, Chippewa, Cree, Mikmaq, Oneida, Sioux, King | Metis, Algonquin, BC Blackfoot, Chip., Cree, Iroquois, Ojibway, Ottawa, Saulteaux, Six Nation, Klyne | Metis, Chippewa, Cree, French,German, Lafleur | Metis, Cree, French,Iroquois, Lafontaine | Metis, Algonquin, Cree, Montagnais, Laforme | Chippewa, Iroquois, Mohawk, Mixed-heritage: Mohawk, Lafrance | Algonquin, Iroquois, Montagnais, Ochhippawa. 3 (2017) : 1014. Comment by Marshal Robin | Chauvin = Shover Let's discuss that. [ Founding Mothers of Acadia]. Lafleur = Lafloor, Laflour, Laf(f)ler, Lef(f)ler, Lof(f)ler, Laflin Which surnames it is based on? Unknown is better than a made-up name. Franais, Canadien-franais, Acadiens, Franco-amricains, Mtis, Cajuns La liste de noms de famille que nous affichons n'est pas exhaustive. It is in French and I am completely English speaking/writing as is my husband. Among these exceptional families of Basque origin (Arosteguy, Bastarache, Ozelet) as well as one that is Spanish (Gousman) and two that are Portuguese (Mirande, Rodrigue). March 16, 2020 document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hopefully you are going to add Lanteigne to this list as we go back to one of the first French men to marry Native and cross to many more native/Metis surnames. Maryland: M.A. Your email address will not be published. 1) Acadian Surnames at the Time of Deportation, 1755 2) Acadian Surnames Louisiana Acadian Surnames at the Time of Deportation, 1755. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. [[Category:Mi'kmaq]] Discover your DNA story and unlock the secrets of your ancestry and genealogy with our DNA kits for ancestry and the world's most comprehensive DNA database. The LeJeune Mtis family had settled at Merligouesh (Indian and Mtis village located between Cap-de-Sable and La-Heve), because two men from Port Royal had married two of the LeJeune women between 1638 and 1650. Gebo = Gibeau(lt) Hamelin | Metis, Cree, Salteaux, Mixed-heritage:French, Hardisty | Slavi. Levoy = Lavoie Pudvah = Potvin Identification on WikiTree ), Ojibway, Jackson | Metis, BC, Chippewa, Cree, Iroquois. Terrien = Therrien Taillon = Tyo Litno = Letourneau Butler = Bouthillier Laf(f)ler = Lafleur Contenu historique et gnealogique: vrif par Roger Guitard, Denis Savard, Victorin Mallet et Audrey Waltner. So, it seems that there is some overlap between Acadia and Quebec. (Added link to native americans naming page. nous faire parvenir un courriel cet effet et nous l'ajouterons la liste. The results page for Quebec ADNy includes kits whose Earliest Known Ancestors includes at least 17 examples of people who were born and/or died in "Acadie". News and Reflections: "La Vieille Maison Wins $10,000 In Contest: A home dating back to Acadian re-settlement in Clare has won $10,000 in a national contest." Could you please add examples of citations that I may use? Racicot = Rasco(e) Larivire = Rivers Groulx = Grew Shangraw = Gingras Demarey = Demarais David | Algonquin,BC First Nations, Chipewyan, Cree, Iroq. Courtemanche = Shortsleeves ), Fill in the verbiage pertaining to that person in the blockquote, Fill in the page number for the specific entry and a quote of the relevant information plus any underlying source that was used, Fill in the page number for the specific entry, Enter the date you accessed this, and a page number where found. Acadian Genealogy Homepage. Lavigne = Lev(i)en(e), Laveen The Quebec ADNy project di Bertrand,Gillette, Jan, and Pierre Bertrand. This group is for sharing genealogy, family stories, ph See more Private Only members can see who's in the group and what they post. "The Quebec yDNA Project studies the ancestral signatures typical of the pioneers that originally settled the St. Lawrence Valley. Hello Shelley, this is Evelyn the same person leaving comments in the Facebook group I would need to know what type of Metis card that your siblings have? Gagn = Gonyea Grgoire = Grigwire What about her children? Rundquist, 2012. Click here to see how many times the surnames you are researching, appear on the Acadian-Cajun Genealogy CD-ROMs available from me. The Acadian Mtis. Tammy, October 7, 2022 However, we know that she was Gaspesienne. The Association des Acadiens-Mtis Souriquois (AAMS) of Nova Scotia, Canada, is an Acadiens-Mtis organization; therefore, proof of Acadien and Aboriginal ancestry is required of its members. Be aware that many user generated trees have made up names that will not be used on WikiTree. Patry = Peartree = Poirier TO APPLY ONLINE: For more information. Proulx = Prue This is on my fathers mothers side, I am tracing my fathers paternal side and found out that I have in the Robin side Metis going back to Kaskaskia Il. The name on the document is Francoise Timiskamang daughter of Louis Laplante and a Marie Cou. Paronto = Parenteau Dominic Gagnon D(e)uso = Duss(e)ault This use of Metis Nation would be much more recent than the general french term mtis). Deschamps = Fields, Dechand, DuChen Territory, New France through marriage between Marie Rouensa, and Michel Philippe, she was the dau. The sticker goes anywhere under the Biography heading. Acadian History:Mtis History:Acadian Ancestral Home Metis is one of several terms used to describe people of mixed native and European origin. Thank you in advance. Mikmaq, Mohawk, Mont., Muncey, Ojib. Family Finder $59 & Family Finder + myDNA Wellness $79 During Our Valentine's Day Sale! December 10, 2019 Acadian and Amerindian Ancestry DNA Project - Y-DNA Classic Chart. Purchases of Family Tree downloads can be uploaded to MyHeritage so you can easily build out your family tree no matter what type of computer you are on. Fuller = Fournier, Gaboury=Gabourie, Gabori, Gadourie French-Canadian, Acadian, Cajun & metis surnames sites & bibliography. Dube | Metis, Algonquin, Montagnais, Mixed Mikmaq, Dubois | Metis, Saulteaux, Ojjibwa, Chippewa, Stoney, Montagnais, Ducharme | Metis, American Indian, Cree, French, Dufond | Metis, Algonquin | Surname Anchor Post, Dumont | Metis, Cree, Algonquin, French, Mixed, Duncan | Metis, BC, Cayuga, Cree, Kwakiutl, Malecite, Ojibway, Shushwap, Six Nations, Eagle (+ compounds) | Metis, Algonquin, Blackfoot, Chippewa, Cree, Iroquois, Mohawk, Edward, Edwards | BC First Nations, Chippewa, Cree, Iroquois, Metis, Ojibway, Slavi / Slavey, Stony FEB 2023, Elliott | BC First Nations, Bella Coola, Chippewa, Mohawk, Nishga / Nisgaa, Ojibway, Salish, Six Nations FEB 2023, Erasmus | Metis, Cree, Danish,Norwegian, Etienne | Beaver, Montagnais, Iroquois, Huron, Shushwap, Slavey, Fagnant | Metis, Cree, Chippewa,French, Faubert | Algonquin, Mixed-heritage: Iroquois,French, Favel | Cree, Metis, Ojibway, Salteaux / Saulteaux FEB 2023, Fisher | Metis, Algonquin, BC First Nations, Chippewa, Iroquois, Ojibway, Saulteaux, Flamand | Metis, Chippewa, Ojibwa, Yale Cariboo, Cree,French, Fletcher | BC First Nations, Cree, Mohawk, Metis, Ojibway, Salish FEB 2023, Fortier | Metis, Montagnais, Iroquois, Shuswap,French, Fortin | Chipeweyan, Metis, Mixed: Montagnais, Fournier | Metis, Ojibway, Salteaux, Cree, French, Francis | Metis, Abenaki, BC First Nations, Chip., Iroquois, Male., Ojib., Saulteaux, Francois | Metis, BC First Nations, Cree, Iroquois, Fraser | Metis, BC First Nations, Cree, Mikmaq, Mohawk, Oneida, Six Nations, Gabriel | BC First Nations, Chippewa, Cree, Iroquois, Malecite, Mikmaq, Gareau / Garrow | Metis, Iroquois, Mixed, Germain, St. Germain | Metis, Cree, Mikmaq, Mont., Mixed, Gervais | Metis, Cree, Mixed-heritage: Cree,French, Gilbert | Metis, BC First Nations Mikmaq, Giroux | Metis, Algonquin, Iroquois, Cree,French, Godin | Metis, Abenaki, Mixed-heritage: Cree,French, Gouin | Beaver,Mixed-heritage: Cree,French, Gordon | Metis, BC First Nations, Iroquois, Gosselin | Metis, Mixed-heritage: Iroquois, Goulet | Chippewa, Cree, Metis, Mikmaq, Ojibway, Slavey (Goolay) FEB 2023, Green | Metis, Algonquin, BC First Nations, Cree, Mikmaq, Saulteaux, Six Nations, Stoney, Gregoire | BC First Nations, Cree, Iroquois, Montagnais, Groulx | Metis, Algonquin, Mixed Chippewa.

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