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Next summer, if I live I hope to visit Logan Valley, where my grandfather resided, and view the scenes that my father loved to talk about. Now was the time that "some wise interposition of Government is truly necessary, and would undoubtedly restore peace," claimed the agent. As a result, the U.S . The really wild thing is that the accused tried to blame a local black man, but neither the sheriff nor the lynch mobs believed him. The girl, who police said was shot seven times by ex-Marine Bryan . Stacys boyfriend left a few hours later. This photograph of Hatfield was taken circa 1920. This was a reunion of descendants of John and Liddia German and descendants of Medicine Water and Calf Woman whose destinies met at this site on September 11, 1874. During the four years he'd lived in the area, he had consistently tried to maintain peace. When the United States entered the global conflict on April 6, 1917, the country was unprepared for modern warfare. Then he returned home, reloaded, and went from bedroom to bedroom shooting relatives and friends while they slept before shooting himself twice in the head. I and several other pastors went with our districts missions director to lead a conference for the Assemblies of God church of Thailand. Betsy and William were horrified, and Betsy notes that it was an image forever frozen in her memory. #inline-recirc-item--id-d445f4ac-8c88-11e2-b06b-024c619f5c3d ~ .item:nth-child(5) { Area property owner Bill Buchanan and Missouri Humanities Council Archaeologist Erin Whitson next to the suspected old cellar remaining from the Logan family homes 1886 razing. Alarmed by the gunfire from across the river, seven other members of Logan's camp started across the Ohio in two canoes to investigate. Summary: This photo shows a group of people gathered to place a memorial stone at the site of the German family massacre in Logan County, Kansas. ", The frightened settlers were more than warranted in their apprehension. In 1918, following the move of his younger brothers Marion and Elijah to the Germanton area, Lawson followed suit with his family. Is there any proof Stout knew Stacy/was abusing her before the murders? . The last were names Lyman and Jesse. "The panic becoming universal, claimed Connolly, "nothing but confusion, Distress and Flight was conspicuous. While fleeing, the Mingo took good care of Betsy and William, even carrying them when they got tired or at night sleeping with the children in between two warriors to keep them warm. Suddenly a harrowing howl was followed by William Spicer being struck by his own ax in the head by one of the warriors who then took his scalp. A short while later, a second Indian, drawn to the site by the report of Myers's rifle, also was executed. During the Seven Years War, Shikellamy and his family had sought refuge at Thomas McKee's trading post. Today, it is open for burials only for direct descendants of W. D. Browder, owing to limited plot availability. What's your mother's name if you don't mind I can look and see if it's in the book other than that I haven't made any copies yet but soon as I do I can email them to you or if you want to get ahold of me here's my email address joxbowen@gmail.com, If you send me your contact info I will email you what i have on the lineage between the Bowen Spicer's written in my family book. Wayne Spicer from Olean, NY was her father. I remember Philip Tome, the great elk and panther hunter, who lived a mile up the river. Kayashuta and White Mingo were the Mingo chiefs. A cake that Marie had baked on Christmas Day was displayed on the tour. The Netflix series 28 days haunted (2022) shows the place where the victims were embalmed and describes what happened. Reply for me details, My great great grandmother was nona spicer please e mail me at ptknight@live.com, Well, how many more skeletons are in the Spicer's Family Linage? The action insulted Tomlinson, and when the Indians discharged their weapons at a target, he grabbed his rifle and shot Petty as he stood in the doorway. 2 men found drugged after leaving NYC gay bars were killed, medical examiner says With the Logan County Sheriffs office neighbouring the Shafer farm, police response was swift. Spicers daughter and son fought through the deep woods until they reached a neighboring farmhouse. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, my name is Alfrieda Spicer. Arlington survived her brother Billy Frank Gilley Jr's killing of the rest of their family, and briefly fled with him before ultimately being the sole witness at the trial that sent him to jail. Col. Cresap, the last spring, in cold blood, and unprovoked, murdered all the relations of Logan, not sparing even my women and children. The family farm began to decline in the mid-90s, around the time of Sheri Shafer's divorce from Scott and Stacy's father, Steve, and the death of her grandmother, Wilma. I grew up 30 minutes from there! I just received information about the Spicer Massacre in 1773. It is Near Newell in Hancock County West Virginia. The indictments offer the first hints of what prosecutors think took place at the Gee home in the tiny town of Beason, about 35 miles northeast of Springfield. This is such a great piece of information. Shortly after the murders, Charlie's brother, Marion Lawson, opened the home on Brook Cove Road as a tourist attraction. Logan's band had frequently visited Baker's post and usually spent their time buying liquor, milk, and other small items. CINCINNATI (WXIX) - The family of a 19-year-old killed Tuesday is "lost for words" after a triple shooting in Roselawn claimed their loved one's . So did he? Christopher Harris' attorney Tim Timoney did not immediately return a message left for comment. It was there on April 30, in Logan's absence, that the infamous Yellow Creek Massacre occurred. Probably both. Edward Wagner pleaded not guilty in 2018 when he was charged in the Rhoden family murders. A lot of characters from other families have been in a relationship or marriage with a member of the family. Melted window glass discovered by Missouri Humanities Council Archaeologist Erin Whitson is the best evidence yet found of the 1886 Logan Family Massacre site. First published in The Virginia Gazette in 1775, the speech was more widely popularized when Thomas Jefferson reprinted it in his book Notes on the State of Virginia (1782). Two days later, on May 5, McKee met again with many of the same representatives. The family home was lost to time but recently the ruins may have been found. It was not until the book White Christmas, Bloody Christmas[5] was published in 1990 that a claim of Charlie sexually abusing Marie surfaced, beginning with an anonymous source who heard a rumor during a tour of the Lawson home shortly after the murders. They attacked settlers in several frontier regions, both killing and taking captives. [4] Historians who agree that Logan the orator was not named "Tah-gah-jute" sometimes identify him as Tachnechdorus. But the viciousness of the murders that had precipitated the crisis, when combined with the long-standing grievances of the western tribes, meant that a peaceful resolution would be difficult to obtain. Joshua, I had the family history book you mentioned but lost it in a fire. With the disruption of warfare, disease, and encroachment, some Seneca, Susquehannock, and Cayuga among the Iroquois migrated to the Ohio Country, as did Lenape. Posthumously it was speculated that he had impregnated his eldest daughter (Marie, 16). I have always been fond of sports. My brother and I visited the Greene County Hist. "Episode 25: The Portrait (8.28.2015) | Criminal", "The Dispatch - Google News Archive Search", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Murder_of_the_Lawson_family&oldid=1142193201, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2022, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 1 March 2023, at 01:04. An eighth adult victim was found in his . I couldn't get past the first couple pages. Greathouse and his companions also killed Logan's sister as she carried her newborn infant on her back. The reason for this massacre was the resistance attempts by the residents of the city. Lara Logan Has No Agenda premiered late in 2019. Christopher Harris had been married to one of Raymond Gee's daughters, Nicole. Lament. In the spring of 1774 approximately eight people from the Native American village of Yellow Creek were murdered by white settlers, an event known to historians as the Yellow Creek Massacre. Logan Family Massacre The Logan Cemetery today holds the remains of Malcolm and Anna Logan as well as their four children. His actions against settlers on the frontier helped spark Dunmore's War later that year. It was the noise from their frightened pleas that alerted the Mingo warriors to their whereabouts. Submissions should outline a mystery and provide a link to a more detailed review of the case such as a Wiki article or news report. Logan became known for a speech, later known as Logan's Lament, which he reportedly delivered after the war. The most surprising part of the story is that the victims were known quite well to Christopher Harris. If it was me, my response would be very different. The Shikellamy children were of the Cayuga Tribe. How does a person shoot themselves from behind and above an ear with a freaking rifle?? Word of the murders raced through the western border settlements and with it the fear of Indian retaliation. in 1773, a Mingo headman named Johnny Logan and a small band of followers had established a village thirty miles north of Wheeling, near the mouth of Yellow Creek (close to present-day Wellsville, Ohio). The party under Taylaynee behest crossed the river to visit the cabin of Joshua Baker, a settler and rum trader. Many traveled back across the Allegheny Mountains. Or did he think she was involved? This story states that her grave is in Davistown. Sometime after that, Stacy awoke to a gun in her face. After his 1760s move to the Ohio Country, he became affiliated with the Mingo, a tribe formed from Seneca, Cayuga, Lenape and other remnant peoples. Their fear was well founded. John Cole, 40, will serve a minimum term of 29 years in . Another close friend and neighbor to the Lawson family, Hill Hampton, stated that he knew of serious problems going on within the family, but declined to elaborate. I love the posts that say "this needs to end" but keep talking about it anyway. https://www.amrevmuseum.org/collection/george-wilson-s-sword. The way she describes the moment, she was lying on her stomach when her killer came up behind her. There is a well-established rumour that they were found in his county-issued vehicle engaged in oral sex, but the courts weren't able to make much stick. [7] John Logan's sister was known as the widow of Cajadies who was known as "the best hunter among all of the Indians" who died in November 1747. Investigating, they discovered an Indian apparently in the act of stealing the animal. He took revenge for family members killed by Virginian Long knives in 1774 in what is known as the Yellow Creek Massacre. Here is the Rolla weather data for the 24-hour period ending at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, March 2, 2023. Thank you Joshua, I sent my contact info to you per Gmail. LINCOLN, Ill. (CBS/AP) Indictments released Wednesday claim two brothers, Christopher and Jason Harris, armed with a tire iron broke into a family's home in Beason, Ill. to rob them and assault a teenage girl before beating five people to death. The old cellar of the Logan family home is all that may remain after the 1886 fire which consumed Anna Logan and four of her children. Ok. What did Stout think Stacy knew about the shootings? The pair are accused of killing Raymond "Rick" Gee, his wife, Ruth, and three of their children last month. Chief Logan then divided his plunder, hiding the excess in the surrounding woodlands and made for the Ohio River. 16 year old Job was out in the cornfield building squirrel traps to keep varmints from devouring their precious food source. On April 30 some members of the hunting party, Chief Logans wife Mellana, his brother Taylaynee (called John Petty by many English speakers), Taylaynee's son, Molnah and Logan's sister, Koonay, who was also the pregnant wife of John Gibson a prominent trader with whom she already had one daughter. my email is lantztina55@gmail.com Any further information would be greatly appreciated. Once caught, Chief Logan took the young Spicer children back to the cabin, where it was discover that the youngest Spicer child was still alive. During the Seven Years War, Shikellamy and his family had sought refuge at Thomas McKee's trading post. In the new settlement young Benjamin Logan wooed and married Montgomery's daughter Anne. That is a horrible comment thread. Logan's father Chief Shikellamy, who was Oneida, worked closely with Pennsylvania official James Logan to maintain the Covenant Chain relationship with the colony of Pennsylvania. In the meantime, McKee urged all parties to remain calm and to keep the peace. CNN . It worked. 2009 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. 72.4k members in the missouri community. Nice to meet you! That is SUPER interesting, I've never heard of the Logan Family before. Logan and Michael Cresap resolved their differences after Cresap proved that he was innocent of the massacre of Logan's people. One of the events which led up to Dunmore's War was the killing at this point of the family of Chief Logan, eloquent leader of the Mingo Indians, April, 1774, opposite their village at the mouth of Yellow Creek in Ohio. . -, Press J to jump to the feed. She has said she doesn't believe he could have killed her family. She is the second member of the Wagner family to admit a role in the death of eight . Thank you! But fifteen to twenty Mingos under Logan set off for the Ohio Valley to seek retribution for the loss of their family and friends.". During the hearing, Logan County Judge Thomas Harris, who is not related to the defendants, said the potential sentences range from 20 to 60 years in prison on some counts to life in prison or even the death penalty, if the state seeks it. Settlers remaining on the frontier immediately sought safety, either in blockhouses or by fleeing eastward across the Monongahela River. On April 30 some members of the hunting party, Chief Logan's wife Mellana, his brother Taylaynee (called John Petty by many English speakers), Taylaynee's son, Molnah and Logan's sister, Koonay, who was also the pregnant wife of John Gibson a prominent trader with whom she already had one daughter. The 42-year-old leading man - who was recently seen filming his new . Among the dead were several members of Logan's . After the murders, he went into the nearby woods and, several hours later, shot himself. The third, William, born in 1914, died of an illness in 1920. I agree about the counsellor's testimony. Low 38F. From that angle, you'd think she would have a single memory of his shoes or pants or something. Matewan, WV 25678. Andrew Sheeley The Logan Cemetery as it appears today north of Interstate 44. As they left the cabin, the Mingo tribesmen found Job still a field and killed him then took his scalp. Michael Myers of Washington County, Pennsylvania, to guide them over to the west side of the Ohio River where they wished to travel up Yellow Creek and examine some land a few miles from the stream's confluence with the Ohio. Betsy is my 4th Gr-grandmother on my mother's side. Broadcasting & Cable Newsletter The day before the book was to be published, the author received a phone call from Stella Lawson, a relative who had already been interviewed for the book. He was a great man for work. The dark hole of Topix has quite a few opinions that it was Stout, framing Scott. Greentree Learning Center recently invited Missouri S&T Miner basketball players Michael Appiah-Brefo and Lovell Williams to come play basketball with preschoolers as part of its continuing effort to build and sustain relationships with people and organizations within our community. The most Logan families were found in USA in 1880. Hi Heather nice to meet you! I always sought to know more about the Spicer's lineage. She was seriously injured, but I think miracle is an overstatement. Blaming his victim is consistent with his predatory behaviour towards her. The remainder of Logan's life is shrouded in obscurity. Hi Joshua, Nice meeting you. One such attack was on a small farm in modern Greene County, Pennsylvania. Our minds play tricks on us in high stress moments - I think she saw a flash of something gray and this is her mind's way of coping. I think we are related the spicer are in my family nona spicer is or was my great great grandmother please e mail me at ptknight@live.com, I just stumbled on this while doing some research to find out about Spicer Cochran and William Vestus Cochran. Yikes! Concrete edging borders the grave containing Charlie and the seven victims. When Betsy saw the woman in her mothers dress she assaulted her violently, tearing the clothes off the Mingo womans back. The visiting Mingo were lured by the promise of whiskey and games. My mother was a Spicer, and I am only now learning the long history of her family. This would have been an unusual occurrence for a working-class rural family of the era, which has led to speculations that Lawson's act was premeditated. His next brother was known as Tah-gah-jute, Sayughtowa, "The Beetling Brow", or James Logan. I too would love to obtain a copy of the family book! Just "gray hair." Stout ultimately pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of attempted child endangering and received a suspended 90-day sentence plus a years probation. Among the group were four men and three women, including Logan's brother, mother, and sister who carried her two-month-old infant on her back. Although Baker was not present, by dawn, thirty-two men were lying in wait. On January 6, LaToya, Ashley, Ricky, and Ray were hanging out and in need of cash, according to Beadles. The Logan family is one of the most important families on the CBS soap 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. According to tradition, Logan refused to attend the negotiations and instead made a speech that became legendary: I appeal to any white man to say, if ever he entered Logan's cabin hungry, and he gave him not meat; if ever he came cold and naked, and he clothed him not. For example, Scott's 14yo girlfriend, Paige Harshbarger, was sleeping over with him that night. Greathouse and his men spread out in the underbrush on the eastern shore and fired on the Mingos as they neared land, killing two and sending the others back in retreat. James Logan, also called John Logan, original name Tah-Gah-Ute, (born c. 1725, probably at Shamokin [now Sunbury], Pennsylvania [U.S.]died 1780, near Lake Erie), prominent Indian leader, whose initial excellent relations with white settlers in Pennsylvania and the Ohio Territory deteriorated into a vendetta after the slaughter of his family in

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